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DIY Thanksgiving Chandelier

Paige Hemmis and Orly Shani get you in the Thanksgiving spirit with this DIY.
DIY Thanksgiving Chandelier
  • Long board
  • Hand drill
  • Paint
  • Faux leaves
  • Spray paint
  • Fishing line

Thanksgiving Chandelier - Home & Family

Orly Shani and Paige Hemmis team up for this Thanksgiving-themed DIY for your dining room table.


1. Measure and cut the board

2. Measure and mark where to drill holes (space them out as desired so the leaves hang in a balanced presentation - consider spacing rows every four inches lengthwise on board, and alternate distance width wise at four inch increments)

3. Do a light sanding if necessary, then paint both sides of the board

4. Spray paint faux leaves (to avoid leaves flying off the painting surface cup the leave being sprayed and get spray nozzle as close as possible to leaf)

5. Cut fishing line to desired length (keep in mind, the total length should be double the final hanging length of one strand)

6. Loop the cut fishing line strands up through one hole and down the one next to it. Glue two leaves together back to back with the fishing line in the between. Repeat until you have reached desired quantity of leaves on each strand of fishing line

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