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DIY Host Spice Gifts

Paige Hemmis is giving you a great gift-giving idea for the cooking fans in your life with this fun and creative DIY.
DIY Host Spice Gifts
  • Box
  • Rafia (natural rafia for original/red rafia for Christmas)
  • Test Tubes (6)
  • Spices
  • Labels
  • Card stock

DIY Host Spice Gifts - Home & Family

Paige Hemmis has a DIY that the cook in your life will love.


1. Wash test tubes

2. Place rafia in the box to give it cushion

3. Roll card stock so that it can be used as a funnel

4. Use card stock to get spices into the test tube

5. Seal the test tube

6. Label test tube with a cute saying or fun fact about the spice

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