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DIY Hanging Chair

A fun DIY from Paige Hemmis.
DIY Hanging Chair
  • Canvas (or thick) fabric - 2.5 to 3 yards
  • Rope
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • 2 Large Throw Pillows

DIY Hanging Swing - Home & Family

Paige Hemmis shows how to spruce up your front yard with a hanging swing.


1. Cut your piece of fabric.

2. Tie off the fabric every 5" on both sides.

3. Continue until all the way around until both sides are complete.

4. Drill through the dowel.

5. Take your rope and run it up through the dowel.

6. Tie off the rope above the dowel.

7. Hang the structure.

8. Cut a piece of wood the size you would like for the seat.

9. Place the wood in the bottom of the chair.

10. Add a pillow to the seat, and another pillow for the back.

11. Add any other decor (throw pillows, blanket, etc.)

12. Relax and enjoy your hanging seat!

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