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DIY Faux Fur Key Rings

A fashionable DIY from Orly Shani.
DIY Faux Fur Key Rings
  • 1/4 yard of fluffy fur
  • Needle and thread
  • Cotton balls
  • Key ring
  • Chain


1) Use a plate to cut a circle out of your fur
2) Baste the outer edge of your circle and begin to pull it tight.
3) Stuff the hole with cotton balls and pull the thread all the way closed, creating the puffer.
4) Sew one of the loops of the chains into the center with the needle and thread. Create several knots and cut it.
5) Add your key ring to the chains and you're done.

DIY Faux Fur Key Rings - Home & Family

Orly Shani shows you how to make your own stylish and trendy key rings without spending a fortune.

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