The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Woody Jeffreys

Richard Windom
Born and raised in a small farm town, Woody Jefferys first graced the stage at age eight.  Continuing on stage through high school along while being an all around jock, Jeffreys made his way to University where he graduated with a BA in theatre. The love for his art then took him to London, where he studied theatre and learned from such notables as John Malkovich and Anthony Shere, and experienced such significant venues as the National Theatre Centre and the Barbarcan Centre.  
After traveling through Europe, Jeffreys eventually found his way home, and began a film and television career.  Since then he has had the pleasure of working with such prestigious actors as William H. Macy, Sam Neill and Tommy Lee Jones.  His television credits include guest stars on series such as “Smallville,” “Stargate,” “The Chris Issak Show,”  “Flash Gordon” and “Blade,” to name a few.   Film credits include “Pathfinder,” “John Tucker Must Die” and “Double Jeopardy.”
Jeffreys is currently based out of Los Angeles, where he enjoys wind surfing, flying kites, nature photography and playing his bongo.  He has also adopted a seagull named Fred who visits him every morning at his beachside home for a slice of bread.  
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year cast