The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Warren Christie

Morgan Derby
Warren Christie was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but spent most of his childhood in London, Ontario.  He left London for Windsor after being recruited to play college football.  It was during these years that Christie developed his love for performing and decided to pursue it as a career.  This decision led him to Vancouver, where his rugged good looks and keen acting ability quickly landed him desirable leading roles.
In 2005, Christie landed a lead role on the series “October Road,” playing a cocky construction company owner.  Last year, Christie had the chance to stretch his performing abilities when he 
was cast as the star of the musical feature film “The Magical Flute Diaries,” based on one of Mozart’s operas.  Christie recently wrapped filming on ABC’s pilot “Prince of Motor City,” a gothic family drama in which he stars along side Aiden Quinn and Piper Perabo.
Christie’s ability to embody diverse characters is evident in the variety of roles he takes on and masters.  He played opposite Heather Graham in the romantic comedy “Gray Matters,” and then switched gears with his next project, the psychological thriller “Beneath,” produced by the group that did “Napoleon Dynamite” in conjunction with MTV Films/Paramount Classics.
Christie has also lent his talents to numerous television shows, including “Supernatural,” “The L Word,” “Battlestar Galactica” and the ABC series “The Days.”  Christie’s future plan is to pursue character-driven roles in Canadian and American film.
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