Recap: Your Cheatin' Heart - Season 1 - Episode 6

Recap: Your Cheatin' Heart - Season 1 - Episode 6

Recap: Your Cheatin' Heart - Season 1 - Episode 6

The ranch throws its very own mini rodeo. Val barrel races, Missy trick rides, and even Cash gets back on a bull – with potentially dangerous consequences.

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Missy is asleep on the couch when Isabel wakes her by greeting her with a tight hug. Missy tells Isabel that JB’s barbecue stirred up old unpleasant memories. There’s not much time to harp on it because she must get Cash ready to compete in a week.

In the kitchen, Cash examines his injured wrist. Valeria warns that he needs to tell Missy about the fight with Gus. Tuff enters carrying a gift basket dropped off by a delivery guy for Cash. It’s from JB, who is looking forward to seeing him compete in Denver. The pressure for next week’s ride is on.

At the outdoor arena, Missy is training Cash. It’s obvious he is not ready to compete due to his injured wrist. Cash deflects and asks Missy how she’s doing after encountering Polly at the barbecue. Cash encourages Missy to call Polly to eliminate the unknown. Missy calls Polly and leaves a message, inviting her to talk.

In Isabel’s office, she practices her stadium pitch to Gus. Through practicing, Isabel realizes she’s not ready to pitch Mr. Booker. Hank tells Isabel that Mr. Booker investing in them is huge for his reputation and brand and all they must do is make him see that.

Valeria and Tuff mend a fence together. Tuff tells her that his relationship with Julian is long distance and Julian isn’t good at texting. Valeria advises him to not make a big deal of it and to talk less.

Missy joins Isabel in her office. Isabel tells her that her practice pitch didn’t go well. Isabel says she just wants to honor Dusty and Austin and not be so concerned with the bottom line. Missy advises her to tell Mr. Booker that rodeo is about more than just money, but family and legacy. Isabel says he can only see that if he visits.

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As Gus exits the gym, he speaks with Missy on the phone. Missy asks him to invite his dad to the ranch so that Isabel can talk with him in person. Gus says he’ll try. He informs her that he had a fight with Cash.

Tuff, Valeria and Cash are in the kitchen while Tuff is cooking steak for Julian. Missy enters and asks Cash about getting into a fight with Gus. Missy is upset Cash didn’t tell her. She wonders if all the McMurray men keep secrets. She tells them about Polly. Tuff tells her that Austin couldn’t have had an affair. Missy receives a text from Polly and departs.

Valeria goes to speak with Cash. She tells him that being around him is easy, but he’s complicated. They shared a moment yet he still is showing signs of being interested in Missy.

Tuff heads to Julian’s trailer with a steak sandwich. Tuff explains that he and Valeria made up and invites Julian to the ranch for a date.

Nic and Cash are at the bull pens. Cash shows him that his wrist is injured and it doesn’t have full range of motion. Nic tells him getting injured is part of the job.

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Missy is at the Canyon Café where she’s been waiting for over an hour. Polly is a no-show. She contacts Polly and leaves a message letting her know that she’s leaving. She receives a call from Gus who says his father said yes and will come to the ranch.

At home, Missy tells Isabel that Mr. Booker is coming. Missy tells Isabel they should put on their own private rodeo as a show-and-tell pitch. Isabel agrees.

Tuff meets Missy as she prepares for the rodeo. Missy cries and tells him that the doubt in Austin is getting to her, and she wonders if she was enough for him. Tuff comforts her.

Tuff receives a call from Julian. He tells Julian that he must cancel their date as there’s been a change of plans with the family using the ranch for the rodeo. Unhappy, Julian hangs up before Tuff can finish his sentence.

Hank and Isabel discuss the forthcoming rodeo. Isabel asks Hank if it’s wrong for her to want Cash to quit riding. Hank tells her the McMurrays aren’t done yet. Cash enters and pleads to be allowed to ride at the private rodeo even though Isabel doesn’t want him to.

In the training area, Missy and Cash stretch. Cash apologizes to her for his fight with Gus. Missy tells him that Polly blew her off. She believes Polly didn’t face her because she has something to hide.

In the courtyard, Isabel, Hank and Janine welcome Mr. Booker to the ranch. Mr. Booker is intense and tells them that his time is valuable, and he’d like to get started. Gus tells his father to give the McMurrays a chance because they are good people.

Missy approaches Gus. She tells him that Cash is just protective of the ranch. Gus tells her that he should’ve never punched Cash; he doesn’t want to be like his father. Missy tells him that she knows he’s not like Mr. Booker. Meanwhile, at the stables, Cash tells Valeria that his problem with Gus is he’s a charmer like Austin. Meanwhile, he must jump through hoops to get what he wants. Valeria tells him he doesn’t have anything to prove.

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Julian approaches the stables and Valeria spots him. She tells him that Tuff missed him although she gave him some bad relationship advice. She invites him to come see the show.

At the outdoor arena, the McMurrays’ private rodeo is just getting started. Tuff is on the mic and introduces Valeria and Missy who barrel race and trick ride. On the sidelines, Isabel and Hank begin their pitch to Mr. Booker, telling him that rodeo is a way of life for all generations.

Despite his injured wrist, Cash preps for his part of the rodeo. Tuff introduces him as the second handsome McMurray brother and the next potential McMurray champion. Isabel covers her eyes while Cash bull rides. Nic calls eight seconds and Cash flies off the bull. Everyone is relieved that it’s over. Tuff approaches Cash to check if he’s okay. He hides his pain and says that he is.

Isabel notices Mr. Booker’s excitement. She asks him if he enjoyed himself. He says yes but he can tell that she did not. She admits rodeo has brought her a lot of pain but there’s still love as it is about family. She believes that’s what will attract people, whether Mr. Booker invests or not. Mr. Booker asks Isabel to look at her numbers.

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At the stables, Missy, Isabel, Valeria and Tuff learn that Cash rode with an injury. Isabel is furious that Missy would let him ride injured. Cash says he isn’t the first person to ride injured. Austin and Dusty have done it in the past. Isabel says that moving forward she wants to be in the loop about everything because she would never have permitted Cash to ride if she knew he had an injury.

Tuff approaches Julian at the arena. He tells him that he doesn’t want to choose between him and his family. He can have both. He tells Julian not to give up on them. They share a kiss.

Valeria and Missy walk the ranch. Missy shares with her that maybe it’s time for a change and asks Valeria to be her roommate. They see a car approaching and it’s Polly. She apologizes for flaking on their meeting.

The two have a proper sit down in Missy’s house when she explains that she and Austin met through the Professional Rodeo Riders Organization, where she worked. Polly says Austin didn’t cheat on her; they met long before Missy was in the picture. Polly shares that Austin wanted to ride the most dangerous bull, which happened to be Hurricane. The wilder the bull, the higher the points. She helped him to rig which bull he drew. Missy wonders why Austin felt the need to cheat at bull riding when he was already the best contender that year. Polly cries, believing his death was her fault.