Recap: When It Rains... - Season 1 - Episode 5

Recap: When It Rains... - Season 1 - Episode 5

Recap: When It Rains... - Season 1 - Episode 5

Missy brings Cash as her plus-one to the Frontier BBQ, but Cash feels out of place when his biggest competition, Hudson Cooper, shows up too.

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Outside the McMurray Ranch, Isabel examines the sky and notices it might rain, which could affect baling. Tuff joins her and shares his continued upset with Valeria. Isabel tells him that he shouldn’t have gone through her things, and he should apologize.

Missy and Cash are in the car on their way to a Frontier BBQ. Cash is reluctant because he wasn’t invited but Missy believes it’s a great opportunity for Cash to stay on JB’s radar for a sponsorship.

Valeria is at work in the tool shop trying to start the tractor and help gather hay when Tuff comes in to apologize. She’s not quite ready to accept his apology.

As Missy and Cash continue to the barbecue, Cash notices via social media that Hudson Cooper, a competitor, is also headed there. Cash is worried that Hudson is direct competition and could take JB’s attention away from offering him a sponsorship. Missy says he has nothing to worry about.

Isabel is unloading groceries when Valeria asks to help her. Tuff delivers them news that rain is coming fast. This will harm the fields of horse hay that the McMurrays can’t afford to lose.

As Missy and Cash enter the barbecue, Cash discusses his trepidation to attend. Missy becomes distracted when she spots Susan Young, the head of marketing for Frontier Jeans. This prompts Missy to recall the same event but two years earlier when she attended with Austin. Susan approaches Missy, pulling her out of her memory. She tells Missy that her campaign video was a success despite not completing any tricks.

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As Isabel prepares for the harvest dinner, Hank walks in with two pies. Hank tells her that he found a location to build Canyon’s World Class Rodeo Stadium. All he needs now is sponsorship.

At the barbecue, Cash and Missy greet Hudson. They learn he was personally invited to the event, unlike Cash. They are both hopeful to be sponsored by JB. They greet JB and Cash tells him he hopes to impress him at Cheyenne, his next ride. Hudson interrupts and cuts Cash off. They learn Hudson is already signed to a sponsorship with Frontier.

At the ranch, Nic and Steve are at work saving the hay with tractors. Tuff goes to search for Valeria to see if she needs help.

Hank and Isabel are talking inside the kitchen. Hank reminds Isabel that the stadium was his and Dusty’s dream. Isabel says that dream only brings her grief. Cody walks in and gives Isabel fuel filters. Isabel tells him to give them to Valeria in hopes she can get the tractor started.

At the barbecue, Cash is trying to convince Missy that it is time to leave since they know his competitor has the sponsorship. Missy grabs his hand to lead him towards JB while telling him to not give up. A red-haired woman observes them holding hands and grows confused.

Valeria is on the back of Tuff’s truck when Gus pulls up to help them safeguard the hay before the rain comes. They tell him the tractor is down. Gus says he can help.

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At the barbecue, Missy and Cash approach JB and Hudson. Missy critiques Hudson’s riding skills. She tells him to walk with her for more advice, leaving JB alone with Cash to get acquainted.

Missy sees the woman who eyed her and Cash holding hands. Missy gets distracted as she notices something familiar about the woman. She remembers it’s a woman she once saw Austin flirting with.

Missy introduces herself to Rodeo Weekly rider, Mary, alongside Cash, Susan and JB. Missy directs the conversation to Cash, offering story ideas about him to Mary. Mary is impressed with Cash and believes he’ll make a great story. JB says if he’ll have an article, he should be wearing Frontier jeans in the photo.

JB, Cash and Missy sit alone and chat. JB asks Cash if he’s ready to compete soon as in next week. This ups their timeline by four months. Missy and Cash say they are.

Tension is still present between Valeria and Tuff as they work on the ranch. They work through their issues. Tuff tells her they used to be best friends and when he needed her the most, she wasn’t there, breaking their trust.

In the courtyard, Isabel and Cody are hard at work. He wants to know what her fertilizer secret is. Hank interrupts them. He has Dusty’s notes of dreams, including his goals for the stadium. Isabel didn’t know he left notes behind. She tells Hank she wants them in her possession.

Hank, Gus and Nic are working on the tractor. Hank is sharing his aspirations for the stadium and a McMurray Museum. He wants Gus to invest. Gus tells him he should talk to his dad instead.

Isabel and Hank are in the kitchen when Isabel tells him she’s down on money. She’s irritated that Hank is pitching ideas on her ranch while she’s been pinching pennies to try to keep her home. Hank tells her to put the McMurray memorabilia to good use for income.

The red-haired woman approaches Missy and Cash to question if they are dating. They get defensive and deny it. Missy wonders how she knew Austin. She tells him that everyone knew him. Missy suspects that there’s more her story. The woman walks off.

Cash approaches Missy and tells her that the woman is Polly Kerns, an employee of the Rodeo Riders Organization.

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On the grounds, Gus gets the tractor running to everyone’s shock. Gus says his family’s oil background prepared him for it as he used to work in a mechanic shop. They all work together to gather the hay to safety right before the rain starts.

In the stables, Cody tells Isabel that he can see just how much the ranch means to her. She tells him that the sound of a McMurray Museum makes her cringe as she doesn’t want to make money off her late husband. He convinces her to tell Hank to help her.

Inside Isabel’s office, Valeria and Tuff talk. She tells him her mother died when she was 16 and she ran from her pain until she found a new family with the McMurrays. She regrets messing up her relationship with the family. Tuff comforts her.

Missy sits in her truck in the rain contemplating if Austin cheated on her with Polly. Cash doesn’t believe that to be true.

At dinner, the family is at the table when they learn that Gus saved the day. Missy excuses herself for the night. Gus offers to walk her to her truck, but Cash stops him to reiterate that she’s tired. Isabel tells Cash to ease off, and Gus can feel the tension and leaves. When Cash follows him outside, he tells Gus to stop trying to fix their problems. Gus realizes Cash is jealous of him and Missy. He insults Cash by telling him that Missy is babysitting him rather than coaching. Cash throws a punch at Gus and they fight. Valeria separates them and tells Gus to leave.

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Isabel and Hank clean up after dinner. She shares with him that she wants to partner and she’d do anything to keep the ranch.

Valeria is at Cash’s loft, nursing his bruised hand and wrists from the fight. He’s worried he won’t be able to compete next week like he promised JB and starts to doubt himself. Valeria comforts him with a hug.

Later, Missy is in tears watching the bull named Bullet, thinking of Austin. She approaches the bull and shouts toward it as if she was talking to Austin. She cries, asking if he cheated on her. With so much heartbreak, she yells into the rain that she misses him. Isabel watches her.