Recap: Truths Laid Bare - Season 1 - Episode 9

Recap: Truths Laid Bare - Season 1 - Episode 9

Recap: Truths Laid Bare - Season 1 - Episode 9

Valeria finally reveals the secrets of her past, and the full truth of Austin's secrets come to light, causing Cash to spiral into a dark and dangerous place.

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Valeria sits with the McMurray family in the kitchen when she tells them the news of who she really is. Her real name is Estella Chavez and she grew up in Houston, where her father owns a luxury hotel. After her mother died, when Estella was sixteen, she was left with her father who she didn’t get along with. When he remarried, he had plans to put her away in a reform school. She ran away and hitchhiked with a trucker who dropped her off by a small rodeo, where Austin found her. She lost touch with her father and even over the years, he doesn’t want her back. She held this for so long from the McMurrays because she was afraid to come clean as a minor. The family tells her they are glad she finally told the truth.

Tuff and Julian are in Isabel’s office discussing Valeria. Julian extends an invitation to Tuff to join him in Arizona. Tuff realizes he has never taken time off.

Missy shares her condolences with Val about her mother. Valeria shows a picture of her mother to Missy and explains that Valeria was her mother’s middle name. Valeria apologizes for the secrets.

Outside the McMurray Ranch, Tucker Clarke exits his car and approaches Cash. Tucker claims he is there to collect money from the McMurrays. Cash tells him to leave, or he’ll call the cops for trespassing and stealing his father’s belt buckle.

As Tucker leaves the ranch, he spots Valeria, who he confronts. He tells her she’s late again on her payment to him. Valeria tells him he will get his money, or he should just keep the necklace that he bought from her. She explains that the McMurrays mean more than money to her and he should do whatever he needs to.

Isabel is in her kitchen when Missy walks in. She’s worried the Bookers won’t pay for the venue. Isabel informs that she has a meeting with Hank coming up and she will check with him. Missy invites herself to go along.

In the tool shop, Valeria is organizing. Tuff walks in and questions if he should call her Estella. She says Val is still good as it was her mother’s middle name. He tells her he wants to take time off to spend with Julian so she will have to work without him. She wonders if she’s worthy to be left in charge due to her latest revelation.

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Isabel and Missy arrive at the café to meet Hank and are shocked to discover Missy’s mom Connie is with him. Hank tells them Booker is not happy with the wedding results. He blames Missy for it. Connie tells Missy she should apologize. Missy refuses. Connie suggests calling Gus to diffuse things, but Missy reveals that he dumped her. Missy wonders what her mom is doing with Hank. Connie says she’s known him for years and they recently bumped into one another.

Hank tells Isabel that he will make sure she gets paid from the wedding fallout. Isabel is relieved.

Tuff finds Cash searching his loft for Austin’s old phone. He tells Tuff that Tucker came by looking for money, claiming to have debts with the family. Cash believes Austin wanted Hurricane to pay off the debts. Tuff wants him to further explain, but Cash says he will once Missy arrives.

Missy and Daniel have a phone call. He tells her he is not paying for a wedding that didn’t happen. Missy reminds him of their contract. He tells her to have their lawyer call his.

Missy sees Val and tells her Booker isn’t paying for the wedding. Missy intends to sell her wedding ring to Tucker to make back the money they lost. Valeria warns her against Tucker based on her past experience. Missy tries to get her to explain more but she doesn’t.

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Cash finds Austin’s old phone. He plays a message from it. Austin is heard asking for help because he is in trouble. Isabel walks in as the message is played.

Missy arrives at the pawn shop and presents her wedding ring to Tucker. He takes it for three grand. As Tucker opens the safe to put the ring in, Missy notices a familiar necklace. She asks to see it and recognizes it from the photo that Valeria showed her of her mother wearing it.

Back at the ranch, Isabel and Cash are still listening to Austin’s voice message. Isabel says he sounds nervous. Cash said he never called him back. Isabel feels the weight of his guilt.

When Missy arrives home, she searches for Valeria to confront her. She discovers that she packed all her things and left the house for good. Tuff walks in and Missy tells him that Valeria is gone.

Missy and Tuff join Cash and Isabel to share the news about Valeria. Cash plays the voice message for them. They learn Cash didn’t call him back so no one knows what he wanted. When Cash plays the message again, Missy notices the pawn shop bell sound in Austin’s background. They wonder if he was owing debts for Valeria. Missy tells them Valeria pawned a necklace from her family to pay Tucker off. They conclude that’s why Valeria is running, still.

Valeria sits inside a truck when she has a flashback. She’s in a mansion, opening a safe to pull out a ruby necklace. It’s the one Tucker has at his shop.

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Tuff and Cash are sitting inside Cash’s truck. Tuff is upset that Cash didn’t call Austin back, but Cash tells him he was away serving. Cash wonders why Tuff didn’t sense that something was off with Austin. They both realize they missed it.

When the two enter the pawn shop, Tucker tells them he is still in the red because of the debt owed to him from their family. Tuff and Cash realize it might be Austin’s debts and not Valeria’s.

As Isabel has her morning coffee, she recalls the moment Austin brought Valeria to the house for an introduction. Meanwhile, Missy meets her mother Connie at the diner. She shares with her mom that Valeria is missing.

Valeria visits Austin’s gravesite, thinking about the night he died. He begged her for money because he was deep in debt with Tucker. He told her that he knew her secret, that her family was rich and she was on the run. He said he knew the day he picked her up at sixteen but never told anyone. She was left to feel obligated to help him.

Isabel finds Valeria at the gravesite. Valeria shares her guilt about her lies and reveals that she stole her mother’s ruby necklace to help Austin pay off his debts. She wonders if she could’ve saved him.

Connie and Missy are at the diner in deep conversation. Missy feels like the ranch is bankrupt because of her. Connie disagrees and comforts her. She reminds Missy how much she gave to the family.

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Val, Cash and Tuff are at the kitchen table when Valeria shares more secrets. She explains that Tucker threaten the McMurrays and that’s why she had to pawn the necklace. She was scared and ashamed, which is why she hid. She’s tired of running and lying.

Missy decides to meet with Grace Booker. She tells her it’s important she knows what she and Laura talked about before the wedding was called off. Missy tells her that from a daughter’s point of view, she’s sure Laura could use her mother right now. This resonates with Grace.

Hank meets Isabel at the ranch. He tells her Booker still wants to take the McMurray name off the stadium. Isabel decides to pull out the deal with Booker and Hank supports her. They head outdoors and run into Tuff and Valeria. Missy pulls up and declares that Grace Booker paid for the whole wedding.

They all try to figure out where Cash is since he’s a no show for his Cheyenne ride. They discover he’s at the pawn shop, approaching Tucker for threatening Austin.

At the shop, Cash tells Tucker that it’s his fault Austin died; he couldn’t focus due to the threat. Tucker says maybe Austin wasn’t the rider everyone thought he was then. Cash punches Tucker in the face before police walk in. Cash is caught on camera assaulting Tucker.