Recap: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace - Season 1 - Episode 8

Recap: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace - Season 1 - Episode 8

Recap: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace - Season 1 - Episode 8

Romance is in the air when the McMurrays prepare to host a Booker family wedding at the ranch! Everyone has a role to play in preparing for the big day.

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Missy and Valeria are prepping a wedding dress for Laura Booker since her wedding will be on the McMurray ranch. Gus has invited Missy as his plus one to the event. Missy tells Valeria she is nervous to meet his parents, although she already met his intimidating dad.

Isabel is in the kitchen when Cody compliments the stadium rendering on the table. She wonders to him if it’s odd to name the stadium after her own family instead of making it a community thing. He tells her the McMurrays are the community.

Missy and Valeria are still preparing the wedding dress when Cash enters to greet them. Missy tells him to go get the champagne glasses she asked him to bring. He left them in the car and, as he’s leaving to get them, he compliments Valeria’s look. Valeria wonders if Missy caught him flirting with her. She says she’s clocked it for a couple of weeks and Valeria has nothing to worry about. Missy is just his coach and she doesn’t believe Cash is into her, even though that’s what Valeria thinks. When Cash returns with the glasses, Missy accidentally spills coffee on the wedding dress.

When Missy receives a text message that the Bookers are just a few minutes away from arriving at the ranch by helicopter, Cash, Missy, and Valeria panic. Valeria dismisses Missy to go welcome and greet the Bookers while she tries to get the coffee stain out.

Missy meets them as the helicopter lands. Gus introduces her to his family. His mother addresses Missy as Gus’ girlfriend. Gus apologizes to Missy for the label. She doesn’t mind.

Daniel and Grace Booker, along with Sophie, join Isabel for tea. Daniel tells Isabel that he wants to call the stadium “Booker Stadium” and presents Isabel papers to sign. Isabel is caught off guard and wonders if this name will honor the McMurray family and community.

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Tuff, Julian and Gus are unloading liquor in the courtyard when a white antique Rolls Royce that reads “Just Married” pulls up. When the car parks and the driver exits, Tuff is shocked to see Tucker Clarke. Tucker insults Gus and Tuff before leaving. Tuff notices that he is wearing a familiar belt buckle. Tuff wonders how Tucker got it.

Missy and the bride Laura are walking towards her house when they share stories about their past relationships. When they get inside, Laura asks for her wedding dress. Missy stalls and tells her that the dress is being aired out and should be driven up to the ranch soon. Missy notices Laura’s pre-wedding jitters and invites her to take a ride on a horse to calm herself.

Inside the barn, Tuff and Julian are setting up for the wedding with Grace. Valeria storms in and asks for the sewing machine. Grace notices Valeria but Valeria storms off before any questions are asked. Isabel and Grace walk and talk. Grace apologizes to Isabel for her husband not being able to separate business from personal. Isabel shares that she doesn’t think that what Daniel is asking is fair. Grace responds by saying she on the other hand has no problem separating the two and walks off, leaving Isabel feeling stung.

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Gus wanders into the tool shop and notices that Valeria and Cash are working on Laura’s dress. Valeria exits to get an iron, leaving the two men alone. Gus apologizes to him for their fight. Cash finds out that Gus was almost married before, but his bride was a no-show.

Laura and Missy are riding horses and discussing Missy’s previous marriage. Laura shares that she wants her wedding day to be perfect and she’ll figure the rest out later. Laura notices that Missy is worried about something. Missy decides to tell her that it’s her dress.

Laura joins Missy, Cash and Valeria in the tool shop. She’s shocked to see her wedding dress is stained. She lets out a nervous laugh, but the gang assures her they can fix it.

Julian and Tuff are shining the Rolls Royce. Julian tells Tuff that based on the way Grace Booker eyed Valeria earlier, he was right with his suspicions. Tuff tells him he would confront her but the last time he did it, he got in trouble with his boyfriend. Julian is surprised to hear Tuff refer to him as his boyfriend but excited at the same time.

Valeria is in the tool shop and just about finished with Laura’s wedding dress. She’s successfully removed the stain. Cash celebrates that and they hug and kiss.

In the barn, the chairs are in place and Isabel is sitting amongst them. Cody finds her lost in thought. She tells him that Booker wants to name the stadium after himself. Hank is off the grid and Isabel doesn’t know what to do.

Isabel finds Booker in the living room; she tells him she did not sign the paperwork. She wants him to reevaluate the name of the stadium as the McMurray name holds value too.

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At Missy’s house, Laura reveals herself in her wedding dress. She tells Missy that she doesn’t have anything borrowed. Missy gives her her Andalusian box that Austin gave her. Missy calls out that Laura has mentioned how much everyone else loves her groom, Josh, except her.

Missy goes to the barn and delivers the news that Laura has decided not to get married. The Bookers and the McMurrays erupt with many questions. Missy tells them that Laura already left the ranch with Sophie and spoke to Josh already. Booker says this cancellation will cost him a lot of money. Grace blames Missy and suspects she changed Laura’s mind. Missy looks to Gus to defend her, but he doesn’t, siding with his mother. Cash defends Missy, who learns that Gus was left at the altar. She apologizes to the family but stands her ground and shares that Laura called off the wedding because she wasn’t happy. Booker gets upset and leaves Isabel to deal with the aftermath of the wedding. Gus does nothing about it and departs with his parents.

Before Gus gets in the car, he sees Missy and decides to talk. He tells her he needs space.

Valeria sees them and follows Missy until she’s stopped by Grace. Grace tells her she looks familiar and wonders if she volunteered at the Houston hospital she once donated to. Valeria lies and says she didn’t.

Cash is clearing out the barn when he recalls a memory of Austin, watching himself bull ride on his cell phone. He tells him that Missy’s been looking all over for him. Cash encourages him to stop thinking about riding for one moment and focus on his wedding, which was the next day. Cash tells Austin that he doesn’t love Missy the way she should be loved. Austin reminds him that he’s the one marrying Missy, so he should let it go.

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Isabel is in her kitchen when she tells Cody that Booker gets under her skin for making his daughter’s broken engagement about himself. Cody tells her it should be easy to decide if she wants to work with Booker now that she’s seen his true colors. He then formally asks her to be his plus one to enjoy the leftover food with him.

Cash finds Valeria cleaning the tool shop. Cash tells her he’s felt the spark between them but maybe it’s not like that. Instead, they should be friends forever, and Valeria reluctantly agrees. She cries on her way out of the shop. Tuff and Julian find her and attempt to question her about their suspicions. They explain that if there’s anything she wants to tell them, they’ll have her back. She cries and falls into Tuff’s arms.

Missy and Isabel sit by the fireplace. Isabel tells her to stop blaming herself because it was not her fault that Laura left. Isabel tells Missy she shared a meal with Cody, and it was a date. She hasn’t dated since Dusty died. Missy tells her she wants someone to wake up to. Just then, Tuff, Valeria and Cash walk in and Valeria announces she has to tell them something.