Recap: Rodeo and Juliet - Season 1 - Episode 2

Recap: Rodeo and Juliet - Season 1 - Episode 2

Recap: Rodeo and Juliet - Season 1 - Episode 2

Cash's ride at Boulder Rocky Mountain Rodeo puts the McMurrays back in business! Tuff and Valeria are forced to work on their friendship as they work to save the ranch.

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In a flashback, Missy and Cash are at the McMurray Ranch repairing a fence. Cash pretends to interview her, asking where she sees herself in five years. She replies at the ranch. They are interrupted by Isabel announcing that Austin is back. They see him hop out of his truck with a trophy. Missy heads toward Austin to greet him.

Back in present day at the McMurray Ranch, Isabel prepares breakfast while Cash questions why she wants Missy to be his coach. Isabel says if she did it for Austin, she can do it for him. Cash wonders if Missy will give up her Frontier gig in Houston but she insists she can do the gig from the ranch. Tuff enters annoyed that Valeria has sent him so many messages with ideas on how to shake things up at the ranch.

Valeria arrives and says she didn’t mean to overstep, but Isabel did ask her to share ideas. She knows someone needing to offload sheep. Tuff suggests selling off cattle instead. Isabel tells them to do both, and Valeria should investigate cutting the deal.

Isabel goes to her office, weighed down by the future of the ranch. She makes a phone call and tells the person that she’s not ready to sell but she does want to investigate a plan B.

Outside the ranch, Missy approaches Cash to discuss her being his coach. He remembers that Austin didn’t need a coach, but Missy says she was his uncredited coach. Cash says what will make him great is getting him a new bull, not coaching.

At the Frontier office, Missy tries to convince JB to let her participate in the campaign from the McMurray ranch. She believes there is a benefit to setting the campaign where Dusty redefined bull riding. Missy promises she can double his website traffic in one week from the ranch. JB agrees and gives her time to prove herself.

On her way to the ranch, Missy runs into Valeria and shares the news that she must increase Frontier’s online traffic. Valeria suggests she use Austin’s social accounts, which have a big following. Missy wonders if getting on Desiree Lockheart’s radio show will help.

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Gus and Hank pull up to the ranch to tour it. Isabel and Cash emerge. They discover that Gus’ last name is Booker, as in Booker Oil. Gus is interested in exiting the oil business to pursue ranching, but Isabel lets him know this isn’t just a hobby.

Inside, the McMurrays discuss the decision. Missy, Valeria and Cash warn Isabel of Gus’ past. Isabel says he is doing this independent of his family and she has invited him over for dinner to further vet his interests.

Outside the McMurray Ranch, Missy and Cash are preparing to train. Missy tells Cash if he wants to be a champ, he must own it. She orders him to do sets to get in shape.

Valeria and Tuff pull up to an old ranch house with a pen of sheep. Cash wonders how Valeria knew about this place. She says she has lots of connections. Cash wonders if one of those connections is Tucker Clarke. Valeria says she doesn’t know him. They approach a man in his 50s, Mr. Brigsby, who is tending to sheep. He recognizes Valeria and proceeds to kick her off his property, refusing to sell her sheep. She tells Tuff it’s because she used to barrel-race against his daughter, and won.

Back at the arena, Cash and Missy are still training, he tells her he doesn’t believe their partnership will work and walks off.

At Canyon Café, Desiree Lockheart hosts a book signing for “Rodeos and Juliets.” While in line, Missy runs into Janine who mocks her for waiting in line. When it’s Missy’s turn to get her book signed, she hands Desiree a pair of Frontier jeans and tells her she wants to be on her show to promote the campaign. At first Desiree declines but once she finds out Missy is Austin McMurray’s widow, she tells her to stick around to figure something out.

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Outside the ranch, Isabel unloads groceries for dinner with Cash and Tuff. Isabel tells her sons to take the food inside. She then gives Gus a tour of the ranch for evening rounds.

Inside the stables, Valeria and Missy are taking care of the animals. Isabel sends Valeria to get ready for dinner. Gus takes a stab at feeding a calf as Isabel steps away to tend to another calf. Gus flirts with Missy before Cash interrupts.

At dinner, Gus says he hears that Missy will be on the radio. Isabel warns her to be careful as Desiree likes to drag gossip out of her guests. The family grills Gus and discover he doesn’t know much. Isabel defends him and says he still has a lot to learn. Gus senses he’s not welcomed and excuses himself.

Missy and Isabel are at the stables discussing the interview with Desiree. Isabel tells her she will be listening and it’s fine to honor her husband’s legacy. Missy says she doesn’t want to feel she’s exploiting him to sell jeans. Isabel says the most important thing is to tell her story.

In the courtyard, Tuff sees Valeria leading Chantico into a horse trailer. Valeria tells Tuff she’s selling her horse because she doesn’t want to let Isabel down again since not getting sheep was her fault. Tuff tells her there’s another way.

Isabel gets a call from JB. He tells her she did not get approval to be on the radio and he needs her to cancel. Missy is left to think. She opens Austin’s social and reposts the promo for the interview. She is going to do it anyway.

At the radio station, Desiree introduces Missy. Throughout the interview, Missy gives safe answers. During the break, Desiree coaches Missy to give listeners more. Cash calls in pretending to be someone else. He asks Missy where she sees herself in five years. She says she doesn’t know because when she lost her husband, she lost herself. But even though she’s hurt she realizes that she has her own story to tell. She plugs Frontier for encouraging her.

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After the show, she receives a call from JB who says he should fire her but during the interview he noticed that traffic to their website spiked – even more than double. He still wants more proof that she can do this before he gives her permission to do the campaign from Canyon.

Tuff and Valeria are back at Mr. Brigsby’s. He reinforces that he’s not selling them sheep. Since he’s overgrazed his pastures, they offer to take the sheep back with them to keep them fed for a fee. Mr. Brigsby is reluctant but eventually closes a deal with them.

Cash and Valeria are in Isabel’s office. She is happy they got the sheep. She appoints them co-foremen. They are shocked but take the positions offered.

Tuff is having a drink with Julian at the bar. He tells Julian he’s been demoted by his own mother to co-foreman. Julian tells him to look on the bright side.

In the McMurray living room, Cash tells Missy a new bull is on its way. He wonders how Missy did it. She tells him she did what any good coach would do. Cash tells Missy he’s willing to give their coach partnership a try. She gets a text and tells Cash she has to go.

Cash heads out behind her but stops in his tracks when he sees the wooden engagement box that Missy left out from Austin. He has a flashback to when they were doing the pretend interview outside by the fence. In the memory, Cash holds the same wooden engagement box behind his back while talking to her. He’s about to present it but Isabel interrupts, yelling that Austin is back. This prompts Cash to return the box to his pocket.

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In another flashback, Austin and Cash catch up on the tailgate of his truck. Austin tells Cash he’s going to propose to Missy. Cash walks around the truck to the glove box and pulls out the wooden box, removing a necklace that was inside. He gives the empty box to Austin and tells him to use it because the box has dancing horses on it and Missy would love it.

In the courtyard, Missy sees Gus. He asks her out for coffee, but she tells him maybe another time. He understands. He tells her there are other ranches up for sale that he will pursue even though he really wants the McMurray one.

Back at the bar, Tuff sees Valeria walk in, but she doesn’t see him. He witnesses her meeting up with Tucker Clarke, the same person she said earlier that she did not know. He realizes she’s hiding something.