Recap: Ride or Die - Season 1 - Episode 7

Recap: Ride or Die - Season 1 - Episode 7

Recap: Ride or Die - Season 1 - Episode 7

Missy heads to Denver to host the Miss Rodeo Mountain County Pageant. Isabel and Hank realize selling the town on the stadium deal will prove harder than expected.

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In a flashback, Missy and Austin are in the barn discussing their wedding plans. Missy is pulled out of her memory by a phone call from Susan Young from Frontier. She’s calling to see if Missy would like to be a judge at the Miss Rodeo Mountain County competition. Susan tells her that they will need her the next day in Denver. Missy hesitates as she considers her family obligations. Cash and Isabel emerge and tell Missy that his MRI results for his wrist are pending. Since that is the case, she tells Susan she is free. Cash asks Missy if she is abandoning him. She tells him it will be just two days in Denver.

Isabel is out in the courtyard when Cody pulls up to give her a hand with memorabilia. He mentions to her that people are not pleased that she’s working with a big corporation like Booker on the stadium.

Isabel heads to Missy’s house. Missy tells her that she knows she’s upset about missing Cash’s injury. She apologizes. Isabel asks what happened at JB’s barbecue. Missy doesn’t tell the full truth and says she just got emotional being there without Austin.

Missy finds Cash at Ranchman’s, riding a bull while injured. Missy reprimands him, but he says he’s trying to beat his brother’s score. Missy tells him he shouldn’t be chasing his brother’s score because Austin cheated. She tells him he rigged the system to draw the most dangerous bull. She questions if he wants to end up like Austin. Cash is determined to win at all costs. Missy quits as she doesn’t want another casualty on her hands.

Isabel leads Hank and Booker to her office. Booker presents a $75,000 deal between a PR agency and the stadium. Isabel would like to have local businesses join instead to keep the community at heart of the stadium.

Cash drives to Missy’s house but meets Valeria instead. Not too far behind him is Janine. She brings Cash get-well balloons. Janine wonders who’s performing at Ranchman’s Bulls & Beer Night. Cash receives a call, perhaps from the hospital regarding his MRI.

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Janine sees Tuff at the stables. She has an agenda--she wants to know if she can perform at the Bulls & Beer night for the announcement of the big stadium project. Julian joins and Tuff introduces Janine. Tuff tells Julian she will be performing with his band at the event. Janine tells Tuff he will not be disappointed.

In the office, Hank, Daniel and Isabel still aren’t agreeing on business. Isabel glances at her phone while it rings; it’s Cash. She leaves to meet him at his loft. There he delivers the news that his doctor said his wrist was probably already broken before his ride and the cast on his arm will come off in four weeks. Cash tells his mother that he’s still getting ready to ride in Denver soon. Isabel is against it and Cash is upset that he isn’t supported. Isabel tells him that he doesn’t need to ride. Cash tells her he must ride and that Missy quit.

At the Rodeo pageant, Missy interviews contestants. One contestant tells her that horses and her coach have helped her with her anxiety. Missy can relate and smiles at that answer. This contestant understands the beauty of the sport. It throws Missy into a memory of when Isabel trained her. Susan tells Missy they do not want the contestant she liked; they want the other one who has a bigger social following. However, to Missy that contestant was less authentic.

Valeria sees Cash in his loft, nursing his broken wrist. She questions if he’s going to Denver. He’s conflicted and she understands. He tells Valeria she’s the only one that doesn’t make him feel guilty about riding with an injury.

Valeria calls Missy and tells her that Cash’s wrist is broken. Missy doesn’t want to hear about Cash now because she’s enjoying her time in the limelight at the pageant. The contestants call her over for a picture and she tells Valeria she has to go.

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Janine practices with Tuff’s band at the ranch. She looks over the lyrics and tells Tuff they’re awesome. She realizes he wrote the song about his own life yet told her it was a random song from Tik Tok. Tuff is too embarrassed to admit it.

Missy goes out for a date with Gus. They leave the restaurant for a night walk. They share that they enjoyed their first date. Gus gives her a kiss on the cheek. Missy enters her hotel lobby and finds Isabel sitting there. She’s come to question why she quit on Cash. Isabel apologizes if she’s been tough on Missy and tells her that Cash needs her. Missy explains that she wanted so much more for herself as Austin became her whole world. Isabel tells her that she if she truly doesn’t want to coach Cash, she will get over it and she wants what’s best for Missy.

Hank is on the phone with Isabel, who stayed in Denver. He is not pleased. She shares that people are worried that the stadium is being taken over by a giant corporation. Hank tells her Booker knows how to run something this big. Isabel hangs up with Hank and focuses on Missy as she judges the pageant. Susan joins them and greets Isabel. She tells Missy she must go huddle with the judges. As she walks off, Isabel asks Susan if Missy seemed off at the barbecue. She tells her that there was a woman there that set Missy off.

Isabel arrives back to the ranch and runs into Cash. She tells him she knows what’s up with Missy; it must’ve been the woman at the barbecue. Cash says that is not it.

At the Rodeo pageant, Missy stands with Gus and Sophie as the announcer names the winners. Susan walks over angrily, wondering why Missy didn’t pick the contestant she suggested. Missy sticks to her choice and Susan is not pleased. Missy’s choice is announced. Gus is impressed with Missy’s strength to stick to her choice despite corporate politics and pressure.

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Ranchman’s is packed as the McMurrays prepare to announce the news. Janine pressures Tuff to tell the crowd that it’s his song and not one randomly from Tik Tok. Hank and Isabel take the stage to announce the deal for the stadium. The crowd boos as they are not interested in Daniel Booker investments. Isabel takes over the microphone and offers a more heartfelt explanation about it being about family and community. The crowd simmers down and cheers.

Cash notices Missy at the bar. He tells her that he emailed JB about no longer riding in Denver. He wants to be in the game for a long time and not for sponsorships, or to be like Austin. He still wants her as his coach. Missy gives him the go ahead to ride at the event. She tells Isabel that Cash will be riding but with his right hand. Isabel agrees if it is okay with her.

Tuff introduces the band with special guest Janine, and also announces Cash will be riding the mechanical bull. Cash successfully rides with one arm and beats Austin’s score.

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Isabel tells Missy she knows the truth about Austin and Hurricane.

For the next song, Tuff builds up the courage to tell the crowd that it’s an original song that he wrote. Janine is proud of him. Meanwhile, Cash receives an email from JB, who tells him he made the right choice. Cash smiles, knowing the sponsorship deal is still on the table despite pulling out of Denver.

Gus approaches Missy to tell her he wanted to celebrate that her contestant won. They share a kiss and Cash sees it. The announcer asks if anyone else wants to jump in the ring before the night is over. Missy takes her up on the challenge and rides the mechanical bull. Isabel is proud as she rides while Cash and Gus are transfixed on her.