Recap: Estella - Season 1 - Episode 4

Recap: Estella - Season 1 - Episode 4

Recap: Estella - Season 1 - Episode 4

Missy and Gus get closer when she agrees to give his niece a tour of the ranch, and Valeria works her way into the ranch hand boys club via their traditional Poker game.

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At the stables, Tuff walks in on a concerned Isabel as she comforts a pregnant mare named Goldie. He encourages her not to stay up late to look after the mare, but Isabel says she was up all-night giving birth to him so she can do the same for Goldie.

While Missy is baking, she receives a call from Gus. He’s calling to see if she will give trick riding lessons to his niece Sophie. He would especially like it as it is an excuse to spend time with Missy. Tuff interrupts to call Missy into a family meeting.

Valeria and Cash have fun doing doughnuts in a UTV, brainstorming ideas for Isabel’s birthday. Valeria cautions that she should get back before the ranch hands see her not working. Cash believes she’s acting too bossy and shouldn’t be all about just business.

Tuff and Missy are already at the stables before Valeria and Cash walk in. Missy questions where they were, and Valeria lies and says they were doing ranch chores. Cash redirects the conversation back to Isabel’s birthday, which is the point of the meeting. As they are planning to throw her a party, Isabel sees them and orders them back to work.

Outside the café, Missy walks out with a cake that reads “Happy Birthday, Mom.” She is approached by a woman wearing a diner uniform. She eyes Missy’s cake acknowledging that it’s a special person’s birthday. Feeling awkward, Missy sighs before properly greeting the woman. It is her mom, Connie.

Missy is reluctant but has coffee with her mother. Once Connie learns Missy is still at the ranch and training Cash like she did Austin, she is against it. She doesn’t want Missy to waste her life or repeat her mistakes. Missy grows disappointed and tells her mother this is why she no longer comes around.

Tuff and Julian are in Cash’s loft prepping snacks and beer for the poker game. Julian wonders when he’ll meet Valeria. Cash tells him about the fake IDs and Julian tells him to ease off of her and that he’s lucky to have family around, including Valeria.

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Inside the stables, they are joined by a farrier named Cody. Tuff called him in to check on their horse Samson, whose gait has seemed off. There’s some trepidation with Isabel letting Cody go forward but Tuff convinces her it is better to check and be safe.

On the grounds, ranch hands Nic and Steve are discussing Nic and Cash’s time in the marines together. Valeria, hard at work, watches them talk. She cuts in on their laughter to remind them that they should be working and to help her out. The ranch hands discuss the forthcoming poker game and Valeria notices she was not invited.

At the ranch’s outdoor arena, Cody checks Samson. Isabel believes the horse is fine. She grows suspicious and learns that her son put Cody up to coming just to check in on Goldie to give her a break.

At Missy’s house, Missy tells Valeria she invited her mother Connie to Isabel’s party, but she doesn’t think she’ll show. She also shares that her mother doesn’t want her to waste her life on another McMurray. Valeria agrees and advises her to focus on herself. Missy sees that as a cue to contact Gus and take him up on his offer for coaching lessons for Sophie.

Isabel is seated by Goldie’s stall. Tuff finds her there and brings her a birthday surprise. She confronts him about bringing Cody to the ranch. Tuff admits he just wants to take care of her.

Missy and Cash are finishing up a training session. Missy is about to take off before she’s approached by Sophie who shouts her name with excitement. Cash suspects Gus is still scoping out their land, but he insists he’s not there for business, just pleasure.

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Missy, Gus and Sophie take a tour of the ranch. Sophie asks Gus if they can own a ranch just like the McMurray Ranch. He tells her he is trying to do just that.

The poker game is underway, with Nic, Steve, Tuff, Julian, Cash and other ranch hands gathered around. They are shocked when Valeria walks in with beer. She introduces herself to Julian. She schools all the ranch hands on how to play poker.

Missy continues to show Sophie and Gus around. Missy and Gus take a moment to catch up. Soon they realize they’ve gotten distracted with their conversation and let Sophie out of their sight.

At the poker game, Valeria is winning the guys over with her poker knowledge and wild stories of her siphoning gas from the car of a man who owed her money. This makes Tuff even more suspicious of her.

Gus and Missy still cannot find Sophie. Cash, Valeria, Isabel, Tuff and Julian join them to find her. They decide to split up to maximize their search efforts.

Isabel stays back at the stables with Goldie in hopes that Sophie comes by. Cody joins her and tells him he will wait with her.

Missy and Gus continue to search. Gus tells Missy that there’s trouble at home and Sophie probably ran away to stay on the ranch longer since she was enjoying it so much. Missy concludes that perhaps she’s in the tree house. She rushes over and finds Sophie there. Sophie confesses she doesn’t want to leave. Missy comforts her and convinces her that it is safe to go home.

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Everyone is relieved that Sophie is safe. Gus wants to see Missy again. Missy says she would be fine with that.

Missy, Isabel, Tuff, Valeria, Julian and Cash are all outside of Goldie’s stall gazing at the new foal. While there, Isabel is introduced to Julian. As they walk into the kitchen, they surprise Isabel with a cake and sing her happy birthday. She pleads for them to stop singing. She blows out her candles and thanks them. To everyone’s surprise, Connie walks in.

Connie and Isabel catch up. Connie knows Missy turned out well but wonders if that is credit to her or Isabel. As Isabel walks off to pour it a drink for Connie, Missy uses it as an opportunity to apologize to Isabel for inviting her mother. Isabel says it's fine and urges Missy to go talk to Connie.

During their conversation, Connie brings up her biggest issue. During Austin’s funeral she wanted to be there for Missy but it was Isabel’s shoulder Missy chose to cry on. Connie reminds Missy that if she works and lives on the ranch she will always be in the shadow of a McMurray.

Cash and Valeria are sitting in the kitchen talking. Cash reminds Valeria that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he is not keeping his options open. Valeria tells him he could if he wants. Something is brewing between the two. Tuff walks over to interrupt them.

Cody has spent the day comforting Isabel. As he prepares to leave the party, he tells her he had a great time. It is just what Isabel needed. She smiles as he heads out.

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Tuff slams the fake IDs on the table in front of Valeria and Cash. Tuff mentions all his suspicions, including that she lied about Tucker Clarke. He demands an explanation as Missy and Isabel walk in. Valeria shares that it’s true; she lied because she was in debt to Tucker Clarke by gambling poker and she never told them because she was ashamed. The fake IDs were to hide from Tucker. She tells them she is no longer in debt, and she only plays for beer money now. Isabel forgives her and gives her a hug.

Outside at the firepit, Valeria burns her fake IDs one by one. The fake ID from Texas with the name Estella causes her to stop for a beat. She reminisces to a flashback of her teenage self in a mansion. She’s being called by a maid who walks her upstairs to a grand bedroom. There, she sees an older woman who is ill. She passes the woman a flower and says, “I love you, my mommy.” Her mother replies, “I love you too, Estella.”