Recap: Andalusians - Season 1 - Episode 10

Recap: Andalusians - Season 1 - Episode 10

Recap: Andalusians - Season 1 - Episode 10

The National Cheyenne Rodeo gives Cash his final chance to win the Frontier deal. It's a race against time, and an unexpected twist will shock the McMurrays to the core.

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Cash and Tucker are in jail, with Tucker across from Cash in a different cell. Tucker tells him that Austin threw rides for him to cover his debts and he should be thanked for keeping it a secret for so long.

When Isabel arrives at the jail, she’s surprised to see Cash there. He tells her he needs to be bailed out quickly so he can make Cheyenne. Isabel believes Cash is being self-destructive. Instead of bailing him out, she leaves.

At the ranch, Missy and Valeria are gathering Cash’s bull riding gear for Cheyenne. Tuff walks in and tells them the bank told him their tractor is going to be repossessed for non-payment.

Gus makes a return to the ranch. Missy, Valeria and Tuff witness his apology for his and his dad’s actions. He tells her he was afraid to fall in love. When he gives Missy flowers, she slowly lets her guard down.

As Isabel arrives home from the jail solo, Missy, Valeria and Tuff are alarmed at Cash’s absence since Cheyenne is approaching fast. Isabel tells them she won’t let her another son ride on her watch.

At the jail, Cash and Tucker are still talking with each other. Tucker reveals Austin once needed a large sum from him. Knowing his family needs the money, Tucker tries to propose a business deal to Cash. Tucker suggests selling fake bets and they can split the proceeds fifty-fifty. Cash takes the offer. An officer announces that Tucker has posted bail. Tucker notices Cash has not. Tucker tells Cash his bondsman has extra funds to get him out.

Hank arrives at the ranch with Janine. Isabel admits to Hank that she can’t allow another son to risk his life for a ride. Hank convinces her to let go and be brave.

Janine tells Tuff that she submitted his music to the battle of the bands festival, and they got it in. Janine tells him that ranch life is getting in the way of his own dreams. Valeria tells Janine that Tuff is the glue that holds the family together.

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Missy arrives at the jail to post bail for Cash but the officer tells her he has already been released. When Cash exits the jail with Missy, she asks who bailed him out. He doesn’t answer.

Isabel learns that Missy went to go get Cash for Cheyenne. She decides to hit the road with everyone to see Cash ride.

At Cheyenne, Missy drops off Cash. When he departs, she finds an Andalusian horse pendant with her name engraved on the back that fell out of Cash’s duffle bag. She is reminded of the moment she told Valeria that Austin proposed to her with it.

At the stadium, JB Wooten tells Cash, Missy, and Cash’s competitor Hudson, that whoever gets the top score gets the sponsorship. Later, JB pulls Missy aside and tells her that the Frontier gig might not be for her. Missy tells him he should sign Cash instead.

Tuff sees Julian and explains that he hasn’t forgot about the traveling proposal. Julian tells him to focus on what’s best for him.

Valeria spots Tucker and Cash talking and approaches Cash about it. He tells her that Tucker bailed him out, but Valeria knows it was only done with strings attached. She realizes that Cash has struck a deal with Tucker.

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Cash goes to draw his bull and ends up with Hurricane, the same horse that killed Austin. Cash doesn’t want to switch and tells Missy that it’s fine. Meanwhile, Isabel and Valeria also learn that Cash is riding hurricane. Valeria puts the pieces together and takes off to stop him.

As Missy prepares to watch Cash ride, Polly approaches her to offer suggestions to stop Cash. She seems like she wants to say more to Missy but doesn’t. Polly walks off when Valeria comes over to reveal to Missy that Cash has struck a deal with Tucker.

Cash’s competitor Hudson rides and finishes well at eight seconds. Cash watches, intimidated. Tuff encourages him. Missy reminds him that he is not his brother, and he can be himself.

When Cash finishes at eight seconds, the crowd erupts in cheers.

Later, Cash sits at the head of a celebratory dinner table with, Isabel, Hank, Missy, JB, Tuff, Julian and Janine. JB makes the announcement that Cash is the new face of Frontier. Cash raises a glass and thanks everyone, including Austin and Dusty.

Valeria, Nic and Cash are in the living when Valeria announces that she got Dusty’s belt buckle back. She says she will do anything for the family. Valeria tells Cash that Gus came to apologize to Missy with flowers. Cash tells them he just wants her to be happy. Valeria encourages Tuff to take off for a bit to focus on himself.

Cash is on his balcony in a pensive state. He looks at his phone and sees 11 missed calls from Tucker. He turns to head into his loft when he notices Missy’s pendant necklace hanging off the door handle. Cash heads to Missy’s loft and knocks on the door. Missy tells him she found the necklace hanging out of his duffle bag. She tells Cash that the Andalusian box was the one thing that made her believe that Austin knew her better than anyone else. Cash tells her that he knew that box would make her happy, so he gave it to Austin to give to her. He explains to her that loving her meant wanting what was best for her. They share a kiss.

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Missy is with her mother Connie at the Canyon Diner, and Connie learns about Gus and Cash. She encourages Missy to see herself before she started working with the McMurrays. She tells her that she has her whole life ahead of her and to think about becoming anything she wants.

At the ranch, Valeria is approached by a car driven by a man named Hugo. He tells her that her father wants to see her. Valeria follows Hugo to his car and gets in.

At the ranch, Tuff thanks Julian for encouraging him to be better and to dig deeper to put his music out there. However, he reveals he can’t go with him because Tuff wants to go with Janine. Julian and Tuff say a bittersweet goodbye.

Cash approaches Tucker and tells him that he’ll cover whatever money he was supposed to make. Tucker tells him that it is not about money but his reputation. Tucker brings it to Cash’s attention that JB might want to look at his bail release stub. He might not be to happy to learn his latest athlete is an ex-con.

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Isabel and Missy are riding horses on the ranch, reminiscing about old times. Isabel tells Missy that she wants the best for her. Later, Gus and Cash stand outside Missy’s house, both looking for her. But Missy has gone to the Arena and is trick riding. She rides with joy as if it’s where she was meant to be all along.

At the stables, Isabel is approached by Polly, who has a secret to share. She tells Isabel that after watching her at Cheyenne, it sunk in how terrible it must be to have lost a son. She reveals that she knew Austin before Missy. She didn’t tell Austin the truth about her son Wyatt until four months before Austin died: Wyatt is Isabel’s grandchild.