Duendes by Quaker City Night Hawks

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Legend of the Fall

The Song in the Show:
Episode 1 of Ride brings the audience back in time a year to the big rodeo show in Boulder, where we see legendary bull-rider Austin McMurray take his place atop a bucking bull ahead of the 8-second ride. Quaker City Night Hawks’ gravelly country rock song “Duendes” pulls us right into the action as Austin wraps his bull rope, tightens his helmet, and prepares for the competition.

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About the Band:
Quaker City Night Hawks are a rock and blues group from Forth Worth, Texas, with a gritty, desert, southern sound. The group has spent the last few years traveling the country in support of their Lightning Rod Records debut, an album that mixed the greasy strut of 1970s rock with doses of down-and-dirty Texas blues, science fiction, and Bible Belt boogie. The groups’ members are Texans by birth, but their music has whipped up its own geography with a spacey, southern stomp.

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