Cornfields or Cadillacs

Just Wanted You to Know by Jake Foy

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Legend of the Fall


The Songs in the Show:
Later in the episode, the McMurray clan ventures to a bar for some dancing and two-stepping, and Tuff shows off his singing and guitar playing with two songs from his band. Tuff belts out the upbeat, country-rockin’ track “Cornfields Or Cadillacs”, while Missy and Val catch up over drinks, Val gets Cash out on the dance floor, and Gus asks Missy to join him for a dance. Cash later asks Tuff to play a slower song to dance with Missy to, and he and the band delivers with the swoony “Just Wanted You To Know”. Cash and Missy sway while they discuss their feelings for one another and her potentially leaving town, and soon Missy storms off, overcome with emotion.