Gold Crown Catamounts
Carlton Frisky – C- Favorite Movie: “Frisky Business”
Fluffy Frisky – 2B- Nickname: “Fudge”
Kat Griffy Jr. – OF- 10x Golden Paw Award Winner
Patches - 3B- Favorite Book: “The Great Catsby”
Tyger Cobb – OF- Nickname: “Georgia Peach Fuzz”
Tomcat Lasorda – P- Nickname: “The Pawdfather”
Danders Dale- P- All time record 154 hit catsmen
Feline Hernandez –SS- Nickname: “King Feline”
Buddy-1B- Favorite Movie: “The Big Meowski”

North Shore Bengals
Corey Clawber – P- Nickname: "Big Orange"
Button – 3B- Favorite Movie: “Cattyshack”
Whitey Furred –OF- Nickname: “Frisky Licks”
Don Cattingly- 1B- Nickname: “The Lickman”
Cuddles Cattingly- C- Acatemy Award winning Actor
Purfessor Issac Furrowitz -SS- “P.H.D. in Psyclawlogy”
Roger Clawmens – P- Nickname: “The hissle”
Rod Purrew – 2B- Member of the Beastly Boys
Darryl Pawberry – OF- Nickname: “The Pawman”
Siamese Sosa- OF- Childhood Hero: Roberto Clawmente
Cy-Amese Young- P – Nickname: “The Siamese Cyclone

Mystery Meercats
Paw Prints Fielder -1B- Favorite Rapper: Mice Cube
Beau Catson -OF- Kitten Bowl 2015 Champion
Jose Catseco  -OF- Member of the “Dash Brothers”
Willie Strays- P- Nickname: “Stray Hey Kitten”
Oliver -2B- Favorite Food: Ratatouille
Derek Cheetah -SS- Nickname: “Mr. Meow-vember”
Hunter Pounce -OF- Favorite Videogame: “Collar Duty”
Wade Pawggs -3B- Favorite Food: “Purritos”
Socks –C- Favorite Author: Purrman Meowville

Keepsake Cougars
Cat Ripken Jr. – 3B- Nickname “The Iron Kitten”
Clayton Kerclaw  -P- 3-Time Cy-amese Young Award Winner
Mike Troutbreath  -OF- Motto- “Let the fur fly”
Rick “Wild Paw” Clawn  -P- Favorite TV Show- “two and a half cats”
Milky Catbrera – 2B-  Nickname “Moo Juice”
Ray Fuzzy –C- Golden Paw Award Winner
Hairy Bonds -OF- Short-Hairizona State University
Max- 1B-  Favorite Film: The Wizard of Paws
Stray-Rod -SS- Hobbies: Chasing Tail

Historical Players
Roberto Clawmente
Sandy Kocats
Bombaybe Ruth
“Bootless” Joe Catson
“Hairballin” Hank Purron
Joe Di Meowgio
Lurk Kitson
Mickey Meowntle
Pawdger Hairless
Mew Gherig