Meet the Stars of Passport to Love 2024

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Get ready to stamp your Passport to Love with these Hallmark Channel stars!

Discover more about the talented actors starring in four all-new premieres during the Passport to Love programming event on Hallmark Channel, Saturdays at 8/7c all June long!

Flip through to learn more about the stars, including your favorites like Andrew Walker, Bethany Joy Lenz, Hunter King, and many more!

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Bethany Joy Lenz stars as Ella in Savoring Paris


Meet Bethany and learn more about the filming of "Savoring Paris!"

What was the best thing you ate while in France filming?
In a lively corner bistro in Le Marais called ORIGINALE, my boyfriend and I were greeted by the owner, an Italian in Paris, who served us the most simple and delicious burrata and pepperoni pizza, along with a bergamot & gin spritzer. It was their opening week and we were blown away. Just a block down the street was SEPTIME, which did a 7-course pre-fixe French meal and I couldn’t pick one favorite from that experience. I can only say I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

Did you get to try different cheeses at the fromageries your character frequents in the film?
Well, Ella only goes to ONE fromagerie, but I did certainly try many cheeses in Paris. In the Bastille there is a Sunday morning farmer’s market with rows and rows of cheeses in cold display cases. I had no idea so many existed!

Ella struggles with a love triangle between Gaston and Serge - have you ever navigated a love triangle in your life?
5th grade boyfriend. Jason something. He liked me AND Amanda Jones and, having no idea what feminism was, we decided to let him date both of us until he decided who he liked best. I would not recommend this course of action.

Where is your favorite place to vacation in the summer and why?
The Mediterranean. It’s so free, the people are wonderful, the food is unbelievable, the wine is cheap and to die for and it’s very, very hard to be unhappy in the Mediterranean in the summer. I’ll take Europe anytime anywhere, really. Jackson Hole as domestic runner up.

More about Bethany

Bethany's nine-year run on The CW drama “One Tree Hill” made her a pop-culture icon and established a worldwide fanbase. For Hallmark Channel, Lenz starred in the very popular 2023 Countdown to Christmas movie, "A Biltmore Christmas," filmed at the iconic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC!

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Andrew Walker stars as Austen in For Love & Honey


Did you Know?

Since Andrew's debut on Hallmark Channel in 2012, Walker has appeared as the network's leading man in more than 20 movies including holiday classics like "Three Wise Men and a Baby" and the popular Hallmark Mystery movie series, "Curious Caterer Mysteries," alongside Nikki DeLoach.

More about Andrew

Andrew will be starring alongside Tyler Hynes and Paul Campbell in a sequel of "Three Wise Men and a Baby" — "Three Wiser Men and a Boy." Currently in production, the movie is set to premiere later this year as part of the network’s 15th annual Countdown to Christmas programming event!

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Andrew has also appeared alongside these Hallmark stars:
Lacey Chabert, Nikki DeLoach, Tyler Hynes

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Hunter King stars as Danielle in Two Scoops of Italy


Meet Hunter and hear more about the filming of "Two Scoops of Italy!"

What was it like filming in the small village of Ostia Antica?
Getting to film in Ostia Antica was such a magical experience. The small village itself feels like you’ve been transported straight into a fairy tale. It just feels too perfect to be real honestly! There’s a castle, the most adorable cafe, and cats running around all over the place. Basically my dream. I don’t know if I ever would’ve known to go there had I not gotten the opportunity to film there. I feel so lucky!

What was your favorite thing you ate while in Italy filming?
My favorite food I ate while in Italy had to be cacio e pepe! But a close second had to be a classic margherita pizza. I mostly would order one of those anytime I went out to eat for dinner. But really anything and everything there is incredible! Oh and cheese. I LOVED all the cheese!

How was it playing a chef, and do you have any experience with cooking?
So before this last year I really wasn’t much of a cook myself. But my boyfriend loves to cook so this last year he’s been teaching me and helping me build my confidence in the kitchen and now it’s something I love to do and find it to be so fun! So I loved getting to play a chef! Especially having cooking be a new hobby of mine; it felt exciting to take on that role!

Where is your favorite place to vacation in the summer and why?
If I’m planning a vacation abroad, I would have to say my favorite would now be Italy. While filming in Rome, my boyfriend and I took a train to Florence for one of the weekends and it was so breathtaking there. It felt like another world! Rome is also so beautiful and full of so many things to see and do there! There’s so many places I want to visit in Italy now so I can’t wait to travel back!

More about Hunter

Hunter King is best known for her work as a series regular on CBS’ “Life in Pieces” opposite Colin Hanks, Betsy Brandt and Thomas Sadoski. For Hallmark Channel, Hunter was last seen starring in "The Santa Summit!"

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Margaret Clunie stars as Eva in For Love & Honey


Did you Know?

This is Margaret's first movie for Hallmark Channel! You may recognize her from her series regular role of 'Harriet, The Duchess of Sutherland' in the hit ITV/PBS series Victoria.

More about Margaret

Margaret was recently seen in the second season of Dalgiesh on Channel 5/AcornTV. Previously, she was seen in the Star Wars prequel series, Andor on Disney+ and Paul Feig’s Universal Pictures film Last Christmas.

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Rafael Kariotakis stars as Theo in A Greek Recipe for Romance


Meet Rafael and learn more about the filming of "A Greek Recipe for Romance!"

What was your experience like filming your first Hallmark Channel movie?
Working with Hallmark was an exhilarating experience that I will always cherish. From the moment I stepped on set, I was welcomed with warmth and professionalism that made the filming process a joy. The attention to detail, the collaborative spirit among the cast and crew, and the heartwarming storyline all contributed to creating a positive and memorable environment. Hallmark’s commitment to creating uplifting and inspiring content was evident throughout, and I feel privileged to have been a part of such an amazing project.

This character you play, Theo, faces professional pressure from his family that conflicts with his true passions as a chef. Have you ever been in a similar place as Theo?
Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with a wonderfully supportive family who has always encouraged me to pursue my passion for acting. Unlike Theo, the character I portray in the film, I have not personally faced significant professional pressure from my family that conflicted with my career path. Maybe this happens because my family isn’t wealthy like Theo’s. Jokes aside, their unwavering support and belief in my dreams have been a source of strength for me throughout my journey as an actor.

What is your favorite Greek meal and why?
I’m Greek. You know what my answer will be. Souvlaki. There’s just something magic about it. I like to think about it as the Greek version of a food hug.

Where is your favorite place to vacation in the summer and why?
While I do appreciate the beauty of the Greek islands, there’s a special charm about a small village tucked away like Ermioni, in the Peloponnese. This hidden gem holds a dear place in my heart as the ultimate relaxation destination. In Ermioni, time seems to slow down, allowing me to escape the hustle bustle of everyday life and truly unwind.

More about Rafael

This is Rafael's first movie for Hallmark Channel! Rafael was born in Athens, Greece. He rose to fame as a Lip sync performer and model on TikTok who is widely recognized for his self titled account.

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Stanley Weber stars as Serge in Savoring Paris


Did you Know?

This is Stanley's first movie for Hallmark Channel! Stanley is classically trained from the Conservatoire Nationale in Paris and he has played the title role in France 2’s Louis XV.

More about Stanley

Most recently, Weber has been seen in theaters playing the lead role in the independent feature, Not Another Happy Ending, which closed the Edinburgh Film Festival.

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Michele Rosiello stars as Giancarlo in Two Scoops of Italy


Meet Michele and hear more about the filming of 'Two Scoops of Italy!'

What was it like filming your first Hallmark Channel movie in the small village of Ostia Antica?
It was a very enjoyable adventure! There are some sets that stay in the heart and this is one of them. Roger (the director) gave me a great positive energy at the audition. And the same energy was there during the shoot. Despite being miles away, Hallmark was always with us and they know how to make the actors feel part of a family. With Hunter and all the cast, we’re immediately on the same page, so everything was easier. Although I’m from Naples and I know Rome very well, I had never been to Ostia Antica. So I discovered this small town, just as Danielle discovers it in our story. But my Giancarlo was born and raised in Ostia Antica and therefore, to play him, I became part of that place (in a very short time)! I’ll miss it... “Aldo's Café” had become my second home.

What was your favorite thing you ate while in Italy filming?
Easy question. Gelato! For better or worse. In several scenes we had to eat it and I confess that, at the director's stop, we kept eating! My favorite flavor is hazelnut, but in our story we will discover incredible new flavors!

How was it playing a gelato maker, and do you have experience with dessert making or baking?
Who hasn't dreamed of working with gelato?! It was fun and tasty. I’m a good home cook and a fan of Masterchef! But I rarely tried my hand at baking. We had a professional gelato maker on set, who shared a few secrets with us. So if I have a bigger kitchen one day, there will definitely be room for the gelato machine!

Where is your favorite place to travel in the summer and why?
The Island of Procida, near Naples. It’s “Arturo's Island”, the Elsa Morante's famous novel. And it’s also the island where “The Postman” with Massimo Troisi, an Oscar-nominated film in 1996, was filmed. I’ve been going there every summer since I was born and I’m very fond of this place, where it was there that I discovered my passion for cinema, starting to shoot short films for fun among childhood friends. In some ways, it’s like Ostia Antica. Same faces, year after year… Time seems to stand still there. The main difference is that in Ostia Antica you are in the midst of beautiful ancient Roman landmarks, while in Procida you are in the midst of the sea!

More about Michele

This is Michele's first movie with Hallmark Channel! He was born and raised in Naples, Italy and has an extensive acting history, notably on the second season of the Sky TV series Gomorra and two seasons of La Compagnia del Cigno on Rai 1.

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Danielle C. Ryan stars as Abby in A Greek Recipe for Romance


Did you Know?

Danielle starred in the 2020 Hallmark Mystery original movie "Finding Love in Mountain View" opposite Myko Olivier.

More about Danielle

Danielle likes to perform stunts and fighting scenes for her roles on her own. Danielle also loves animals and especially likes spending time with her horses and her dog.

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