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CrimeTime: Freefall
Original Airdate: February 23, 2024

Crime series actress Hadley Warner retires to a small town where she encounters her first real case. Using her TV crime knowledge, she teams up with Detective Shawn Caden to solve the case. Starring Lyndie Greenwood and Luke Macfarlane.

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Catch Me if You Claus
Original Airdate: November 23, 2023

Avery Quinn's shot at anchoring news clashes with a Santa-suited intruder, Chris, who insists he's Santa's son on a first Christmas mission. They unravel a career-making story together. Starring Italia Ricci and Luke MacFarlane.

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Notes of Autumn
Original Airdate: September 16, 2023

Ellie is a fun-loving, classically trained pianist living in the city who gave up on her passion long ago. Her best friend Leo lives in the rustic outskirts of British Columbia. He’s a famous author with writer’s block who can’t seem to finish another installment in his highly popular book series. Realizing they both need a change of scenery, they decide to swap places, only to find themselves completely lost in new surroundings. Ellie gets tangled up in helping Sam, Leo’s neighbor, put together a musical performance for a local fundraiser. Leo strikes up a friendship with Ellie’s good friend Matt and opens himself up to writing something different that really inspires him. Their newfound friendships turn into something far more meaningful, and as both Ellie and Leo take part in the joys of the autumn season, they also discover their hearts belong somewhere very different than they ever thought possible. Starring Ashley Williams, Luke Macfarlane, Marcus Rosner and Peter Porte.

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A Magical Christmas Village
Original Airdate: November 4, 2022

A Christmas Village brings the magic of Christmas to the lives of Summer and her family, healing old wounds and bringing new love to Summer and her family. Starring Alison Sweeney, Luke Macfarlane and Marlo Thomas.

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Moriah's Lighthouse
Original Airdate: June 18, 2022

Moriah is a woodworking artisan living in a French seaside town who dreams of restoring a local lighthouse. But Ben, an American architect who comes to town may derail her plans. Starring Rachelle Lefevre and Luke Macfarlane.

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Christmas In My Heart
Original Airdate: October 23, 2021

Concert violinist Beth tutors the daughter of reclusive Country music star Sean to prep her for the holiday concert. They are joined through the connective power of music. Starring Heather Hemmens, Luke Macfarlane and Sheryl Lee Ralph.

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Taking a Shot at Love
Original Airdate: January 2, 2021

Former professional ballet dancer Jenna works with NHL star Ryan Cooper to help him recover from an injury using ballet as therapy, and as they grow close, he helps her mend her injured heart. But when it’s time for Ryan to return to the ice and leave Jenna and her small, Connecticut town, they both must consider the paths they want to take and just maybe, love will find its way. Starring Alexa PenaVega and Luke Macfarlane.

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A Valentine's Match
Original Airdate: February 1, 2020

Fired from her job as a reality TV host, Natalie returns home for Valentine's Day, only to find herself running the town festival's auction with her ex-fiance thanks to two scheming mothers. Starring Bethany Joy Lenz and Luke Macfarlane.

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Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen
Original Airdate: November 30, 2019

The film centers on Christmas enthusiast party planners Ella (Krakow) and her sister, Marianne, who clash with their client, Edward (MacFarlane), who is a not-so-jolly toy company CEO. Starring Erin Krakow, Luke Macfarlane and Kimberley Sustad.

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Just Add Romance
Original Airdate: March 2, 2019

When Carly and Jason, exact opposites, compete on a famed cooking show for the chance at their own restaurant, what will matter more – their culinary careers or their potential love? Stars Meghann Fahy and Luke Macfarlane.

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A Shoe Addict's Christmas
Original Airdate: November 25, 2018

As Christmas approaches, Noelle (Bure) is at a crossroads in her life when it seems that love, a connection with her father, and her dream career are out of reach. When she stays late at her job in a department store on a snowy Christmas Eve, she accidentally gets locked in after closing. She isn’t too concerned about the prospect of spending the night in the store… until a quirky woman appears out of nowhere in the shoe department and tells Noelle that she’s her guardian angel. Soon, Noelle finds herself revisiting Christmases past, present, and future as she must work with her new neighbor, a handsome, Christmas-loving firefighter, to plan the annual Christmas Charity Gala. Will visiting the holidays of yesterday and tomorrow help Noelle take new chances and discover the true spirit of Christmas? And in realizing that the only thing standing in her way of leading a fulfilling life is herself, will the love she has longed for all her life be the best surprise gift of all? Starring Candace Cameron Bure and Luke Macfarlane.

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Birthday Wish
Original Airdate: January 21, 2017

A woman expecting to get engaged on her all-important 30th birthday gets a different surprise after she makes her birthday wish: a glimpse into her future – which doesn’t resemble anything she’s ever imagined for herself. Starring Jessy Schram and Luke Macfarlane.

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Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle
Original Airdate: December 10, 2017

Single mom Maggie is trying to maintain the balance of being devoted to son Jordan while having a career. Jordan needs help at school and meets Casey, a tutor. They quickly bond, and Casey becomes more like a father figure. What he wishes most, however, is for his mom to find happiness and love again at Christmas. With the help of faith and fate, Maggie discovers anything is possible. Stars Jill Wagner, Luke Macfarlane.

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The Mistletoe Promise
Original Airdate: November 5, 2016

A chance meeting between two strangers who share a disdain for Christmas results in The Mistletoe Promise, a pact to help them navigate their holiday complications – together. But as they spend more time with each other and experience the magic of Christmas the phony couple discovers there may be more to their contract than business. Based on the bestselling novel by Richard Paul Evans. Starring Jaime King and Luke MacFarlane.

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Christmas Land
Original Airdate: December 20, 2015

Jules Cooper is a successful New York businesswoman who seemingly has everything: a rapidly growing career in marketing and a handsome boyfriend named Mitchell. Jules soon learns her beloved late Grandmother Glinda has left her ‘Christmas Land,’ a magical Christmas-themed village and Christmas tree farm in the countryside. Much of Jules’s favorite childhood memories revolve around Christmas Land and the holiday’s her family spent there in her youth. Upon arriving in Christmas Land to claim the property, she meets handsome and charming Tucker Barnes, the lawyer handling the estate. Christmas Land has seen better days since Glinda’s tragic passing and Jules is forced to make many complicated decisions. Should she sell Christmas Land to real estate tycoon Mason Richards and get back to her busy city life? Or should she stay and bring Christmas Land back to its former glory? With decisions to be made in both life and love, this Christmas for Jules is sure to be both interesting...and magical. Starring Nikki DeLoach and Luke MacFarlane.

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The Memory Book
Original Airdate: August 26, 2014

Budding photographer Chloe comes from a family of failed romances. At a local flea market, she stumbles upon an old photo album from the 1970s, chronicling the ideal romance of a happy couple (Art Hindle and Adrienne Barbeau). Unable to find her own "true love," she sets out to find the couple in the album and prove that true love exists. Along the way, she meets Gabe Sinclair, a mysterious, but charming bartender, who seizes the opportunity to join Chloe's mission and soon finds himself falling in love with her. With limited resources, the two go on an adventure, searching for clues that will lead them to the couple and hopefully to true love. As the search continues, Chloe begins taking an interest in Gabe, but won't let these feelings distract her from her mission to find the couple. Will Chloe learn to give up her fear of falling in love and finally find true happiness? Starring Meghan Ory and Luke Macfarlane.

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