Wedding How-To

DIY Paper Flower Place Cards
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DIY Paper Flower Place Cards


  • Decorative Paper/Gift Wrap
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
DIY Paper Flowers Cards - Home & Family


1. Cut three pieces for flower shape. The more pieces, the fuller the flower will be. Change up the petal shape for different floral looks.

2. Curl the petals with a pen or pencil.

3. Glue pieces together

4. Cut two pieces for the flower center. Can be any organic shape.

5. Glue and overlap the pieces

6. Create stamen piece by cutting a strip of paper and cut slits into the paper. Leave the bottom uncut for glue.

7. Add a thin line of glue on the bottom and roll the strip along the bottom.

8. Glue the entire piece to the center of the flower and fluff up all the pieces.

9. Attach flower to place card or attach to favor boxes.

*Add ribbon, beads, leaves and extra foliage to accessorize

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DIY Vineyard Inspired Tablescape
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DIY Vineyard Inspired Tablescape

DIY Vineyard Inspired Wedding Tablescape - Home & Family

Vineyard Inspired Tablescape Tips:

-Take a wine bottle and add sand to it. Add the cork back to the bottle and stick a wire/place card holder through the cork. Use this to hold up your table numbers!

-Cut a cork width-wise into sections. Burn or paint the initials of the couple into the pieces. Glue these pieces to a grape vine and wrap it around the napkins.

-Leave corks and vases at each table with markers and pens. Have the guests add a small note and their name on the cork and leave in the vases. This can be saved for years in your own home!

-Tie a candle with beautiful ribbon/flowers around the bowl for a great effect at gift table or dessert table

-“The Chirpy” - When used on a water bottle, the ‘chirping’ sound could signify that the toasts, or announcements are going to begin; also a good souvenir that comes in a variety of colors!

-Add sunglasses for fun! Maybe the couples’ future is so bright, they need shades! Especially great for outdoor events.

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DIY Wedding Send-Offs
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DIY Wedding Send-Offs

Materials for Wedding Ribbon Send-Offs

  • Ribbon in your favorite colors (Variety of color, with cream under each color)
  • Craft dowels 12” long by ¼” diameter
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Self-adhesive rhinestones in strips
  • ½” mini jingle bells
  • Either galvanized buckets or another cute method of displaying these
  • Fabric scissors

Materials for Birdseed

  • Cylindrical test tubes with cork tops
  • Colorful birdseed
  • Funnel (or make one out of paper)
  • Labels to make a sign that says “Toss me” or “Shower me” to stick onto the test tubes.
  • Ribbon ¼” or smaller width

Materials for Sparklers

  • Brown craft paper cardstock
  • Rough-grit sand paper – 1 sheet (can use 60 grit)
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Stickers that are printable
  • Hole punch
  • Small wood matches
  • Sparklers
DIY Wedding Send Offs - Home & Family

Directions for Ribbon Send-Offs

1. Take one of the colored ribbons with one cream ribbon and measure 18”-24” long and cut using fabric scissors.

2. Attach the two ribbons with hot glue at the end of the dowel. You only need to make one full rotation around the dowel to secure the ribbon.

3. Take the rhinestone strip and wrap it around the ribbon at the top of the dowel. If you have trouble with the self-adhesive not sticking, add a bit of hot glue.

4. Take the hot glue and attach the mini jingle bell to the stop of the dowel.

5. Complete this process with all colors of ribbon that you have.

6. Put all of your Wedding Ribbons in a cute display case, and enjoy your gorgeous ribbon send off!

Directions for Birdseed

1. Fill tubes using a funnel. Leave about ½” at the top.

2. Replace the cork stopper once birdseed is in the tube.

3. Create stickers with directions of what to do! Add these stickers to each tube.

4. Tie a ribbon around the top and secure with a knot.

Put all of your tubes in a cute display and enjoy your fun birdseed send-off!

Directions for Sparklers

1. Cut your craft paper cardstock into 3”x3” squares.

2. Punch holes in the top and bottom middle of the square.

3. Add your sticker in the top right corner of the square.

4. On the left side of the square, use your washi tape to secure one match.

5. Cut strips of the sand paper to fit across the bottom of the square.

6. Secure the sandpaper to the square using double sided tape.

7. Add each sign to a sparkler, going through one hole at the bottom with the square on the front side and holes on the backside, then go through the top hole.

8. Set your sparklers up in a cute display for your guests and enjoy a very electric and bright send-off!

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DIY Wedding Veil Display
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DIY Wedding Veil Display


  • Veil
  • Photo
  • Foam Core
  • Decorative Pins
  • Picture Frame/Shadow Box
DIY Wedding Veil Display - Home & Family


1. Print out photo to fit your frame.

2. Cut foam core to fit photo.

3. Glue photo to foam core.

4. Lay out veil over photo. (Tip: Look at your photo and see where the focus is. Condense the veil in the area not in focus, then spread out a thin layer over where the focus of the photo is)

5. Carefully pin the veil in place.

6. Place in frame.

Instructions for Shadow Box

1. Secure the veil in place against foam core using decorative pins.

2. Place photo in frame and place in shadow box. Secure photo using TBD.

3. Place any other sentimental piece from your wedding you would like to display and secure using TBD.

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DIY Wedding Veil Display
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DIY Wedding Veil Display


  • Veil
  • Photo
  • Foam Core
  • Decorative Pins
  • Picture Frame/Shadow Box
DIY Wedding Veil Display - Home & Family


1. Print out photo to fit your frame.

2. Cut foam core to fit photo.

3. Glue photo to foam core.

4. Lay out veil over photo. (Tip: Look at your photo and see where the focus is. Condense the veil in the area not in focus, then spread out a thin layer over where the focus of the photo is)

5. Carefully pin the veil in place.

6. Place in frame.

Instructions for Shadow Box

1. Secure the veil in place against foam core using decorative pins.

2. Place photo in frame and place in shadow box. Secure photo using TBD.

3. Place any other sentimental piece from your wedding you would like to display and secure using TBD.

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DIY Wedding Mailbox
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DIY Wedding Mailbox


  • Crates; amount will depend on how tall you would like the mailbox to be
  • Wood glue
  • Mailbox
  • Spray paint
  • Faux flowers
  • Detailing of choice; stencil, vinyl lettering, etc.
  • Hot glue
DIY Wedding Mailboxes - Home & Family


1. Spray Paint the crates in any color you like; they can also be painted with regular acrylic paint

2. Once the crates are dry, glue them together with wood glue to create the base of the mail box

3. Spray paint the mailbox in the desired color(s); allow to dry

4. Glue on fake flowers; you can cover as much of the mailbox as you like

5. Add on any detailing to the side; such as a vinyl “happily ever after” or a stencil with a similar saying

6. Create a sign on the mailbox flag that says gift cards; this can be done freehand; with a stencil; or a printed out piece of paper with the writing “gift cards” on it or “love notes

7. Another option is to have a frame next to the mailbox with the sign “gift cards” or “love notes”

8. Attach the mailbox onto the top of the stand made with the crates; secure with glue for safety

9. Decorate the inside of the crates with detailing like frames with pictures, flowers, family heirlooms, etc.

Have items in the bottom crate that are heavy, to weight it down for safety
Real flowers could be used on the day of the wedding; ask your florist for the best way to incorporate them into the decorations
Use any colors you like to go with the theme of the wedding
Place the mailbox where your guests get their name places for seating; this is the easiest way for them to find it

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DIY Wedding Boutonnieres and Corsages
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DIY Wedding Boutonnieres and Corsages

Materials for Boutonnieres

  • Flowers (We used Chrysanthemum, Waxflower, Thistle, and Privet)
  • Lapel Vase
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Glue
  • Wire Cutters

Materials for Corsages

  • Wristlet
  • Flowers (We used Chrysanthemum, Waxflower, Thistle, and Privet)
  • Floral Glue
DIY Wedding Boutonnieres and Corsages - Home & Family

Directions for Boutonnieres

1. Take featured/focal flower of flower and size it to fit inside of the lapel vase. We chose chrysanthemum.

2. Put floral wire through and bend tip like a shepherd’s hook

3. Pull wire down so that it doesn’t move

4. Remove featured flower temporarily

5. Take waxflower and fan it out

6. Put your featured flower back in

7. Add thistle flower and privet flower for pop or color and texture

8. Once you have your arrangement add floral glue

9. Floral glue will not only hold everything together but also seals the cut on the flower, allowing it to retain moisture

Directions for Corsages

1. Choose a wristlet that has a platform. You can find these in a floral department store.

2. Tie your ribbon around the wristlet.

3. The ribbon will become the structure to attach your flowers to.

4. Use floral glue to attach focal flower, then build around it using the rest of the complementary flowers.

5. Use the same focal flower that is in the boutonniere. In our case it was the chrysanthemum.

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DIY Kids' Wedding Table
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DIY Kids' Wedding Table

Materials for DIY Flower Pinwheels

  • Poster Board
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Dowel
  • Wooden Beads
  • Heavy Wire
  • Drill
  • Paint
  • Hole punch
DIY Kids' Wedding Table - Home & Family


1. Fold paper to make a square, cut off access paper

2. Fold corners together to make four creases

3. Cut creases, leaving an inch or two before you reach the middle

4. Take corners and fold them into the middle. Glue in place.

5. Add decorative paper to make more flower like

6. Drill hole into dowel

7. Thread heavy wire through hole

8. Insert two beads

9. Insert the pinwheel onto the wire

10. Thread a wooden bead

11. Add the center of the flower

12. Add another bead and bend wire

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DIY Ring Bearer Box
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DIY Ring Bearer Box

Materials for Round Box Ring Holder

  • round wooden hinge box
  • white paint and gold paint
  • Paint pens
  • polyfill
  • pretty fabric
  • thin ribbon
  • needle and thread
  • paint brush

Materials for "Mr. & Mrs" Ring Box

  • small, flat, wood box
  • wood stain
  • paint pen
  • moss
  • glue
DIY Ring Bearer Boxes - Home & Family

Directions for Round Box Holder

1. Paint the outside of the box as desired; allow to dry completely

2.Create the pillow for the inside of the box by cutting the fabric into a circle; sizing will depend on the size of container you have, for a small one, a 7 inch diameter circle should be good

3.Do a running stitch with your needle and thread, creating large stitches, all around the circle

4.Place some polyfill in the center of the circle, then pull the thread to tighten the thread; this should cause the circle to gather and create a small pillow

5.Stitch across the bottom and secure with a double knot to hold in the polyfill

6.Flip over, as the smooth size will be the top, and sew a piece of ribbon into the center of the pillow; is will secure the ribbons once they are on

7. Simply place the pillow into the box

8. Use a paint pen to write whatever you like on the top and in the top of the container

Instructions for "Mr. & Mrs" Ring Box

1. Stain the entire box with the wood stain; allow to dry completely

2. Use a paint pen to write whatever you like on the top and in the top of the box

3. Use glue to add the moss into the bottom of the box, this is where you will lay the rings, so you want to make sure it is filled nicely

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DIY Wedding Hangers
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DIY Wedding Hangers

Materials for Sequin Hangers

  • Hot Glue
  • Wood Hangers
  • Sequin Trim
  • Hair dryer

Materials for Painted and Personalized Hangers

  • Wood Hangers
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paint pen
  • Sealer or clear coat

Materials for Tattoo Hangers

  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Scissors
  • Wood hangers
  • Sponge
  • Towel
  • Mod podge
DIY Ring Bearer Boxes - Home & Family

Directions for Sequin Hangers

1. Start at the very end/edge of your hanger. Dab a bit of glue, place the trim over and hold until dry.

2. Begin wrapping the trim tightly around the hanger and glue as you go

3. When you get to the end, tuck in the trim similar to how you started the project

4. Use a hair dryer to blow away the hot glue strings

5. Add a bow to finish it off

Directions for Painted and Personalized Hanger

1. Using unfinished wood hangers, paint the hangers with your desired color

2. Let it dry, then paint the trim/edges

3. Use a paint pen to personalize or customize the hanger, you can use a stencil instead if you prefer

4. Let it dry, then add a sealer or clear coat

5. Wait 24 hrs before using the hanger just to be safe

Directions for Tattoo Hangers

1. Use scissors to cut your tattoo to the appropriate size for your hanger

2. Peel off the plastic and lay the tattoo face down on your hanger

3. Using a damp sponge, press on the tattoo for 30 seconds

4. Carefully peel the paper

5. If needed, dab off any excess water with a towel

6. Let it dry

7. Seal the design by using mod podge

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DIY Dancing Shoes Station
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DIY Dancing Shoes Station


  • Table
  • Flip-Flops
  • Ribbon
  • Signs
  • Additional Decor


1. Buy flip flops in varying sizes and organize

2. Tip: Buy flip-flops in bulk from the dollar store or online

3. Place each pair of flip flops together with the bottoms facing each other

4. Tie ribbon around flip flops into a bow. You can also buy a premade bow and attach that to one of the pairs.

5. Place flip flops in drawers and on top of table

6. Organize flip flops so each drawer or area has the same size flip flops. You don’t want guests to waste time trying to sort through the different sizes.

7. Customize table for wedding and make personal with signs like “When Your Feet Get Sore, Grab a Pair and Dance Some More!” or “A Little Treat for Your Dancing Feet”

8. Add any other decor that will go with your wedding theme: flowers, candles, vases, etc.

9. If you have extra flip flops, have bridesmaids pass them out at the end of the night

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DIY Brooch Bouquet
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DIY Brooch Bouquet


  • Brooches
  • Buttons
  • Glue
  • Foam ball
  • Doilies
  • Wooden dowel
  • Embellishments
DIY Everlasting Brooch Bouquet - Home & Family


1. Cut off foam ball

2. Glue doilies on ball

3. Add flowers

4. Add jewelry and buttons

5. Wrap a wooden dowel in ribbon or beads and insert into a foam ball (Note: Start ribbon about an inch down to leave room for the inserted piece)

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DIY Wedding Robes
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DIY Wedding Robes


  • Robes
  • Iron on appliqué
  • Scissors
  • Iron

DIY Wedding Robes - Home & Family


1- Purchase robe of your choice

2- Purchase iron on appliques (they come pre-made or as individual letters)

3- Read individual applique instructions, as they require different heat levels

4- Place appliques in desired design

5- Apply iron on top of applique to bond it to the fabric

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Decorative Wedding Champagne Flutes
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Decorative Wedding Champagne Flutes


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Tulle
  • Rhinestones
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint Pens
  • Small Paint Brush

DIY Decorative Wedding Champagne Flutes - Home & Family


1. For the women’s glasses, attach the ribbon and tulle to the bottom with a glue gun to create the same look as a dress. You can scrunch up the tulle for extra volume. For the bridesmaids, use pink. For the bride, use white.

2. Add rhinestones and any other embellishments you would like to complete the look.

3. For the men’s glasses, attach a matching bow to their ladies (so in this case, add a white bow to the Groom’s glass, and a pink bow to the Groomsmen’s glasses).

4. Add any embellishments you would like!

5. Voila! Raise a toast to your cute new bridal party champagne flutes!

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DIY Boho Veil
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DIY Boho Veil


    DIY Boho Veil - Home & Family


    1. Pick fabric (either tulle or organza). We will be using tulle and scalloped lace beaded material.

    2. Decide whether you want a crown/headpiece or a simple comb in the back to hold the veil. We will be doing one of each.

    3. Decide size of veil that you would like. I've attached the different lengths that are popular in a photo chart. We will be doing two different lengths: fingertip and elbow.

    4. Collect the embellishments you would like to use. We will be using beads, feathers and flowers (boho is generally things you find naturally occurring in the world/earth).

    5. Using your desired headpiece and add tulle to it using hot glue and a needle and thread.

    6. Add your embellishments with using hot glue and a needle and thread.

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    Wedding Do's and Dont's Etiquette
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    Wedding Do's and Dont's Etiquette

    Wedding Etiquette - Home & Family

    Bride and Groom Do’s and Don’ts:

    1. Don’t ask your guests to give up their phones. Annoying your guests is not a good start to a beautiful occasion. Some people must keep their phones close (parents with small children) and will be distracted throughout the ceremony worrying about a missed emergency. Don’t ask to check their bags or their suit pockets for “evidence”.

    2. Do notify your guests of your “unplugged” desires on the wedding website, on the wedding program, and before the ceremony . You can’t put it on your wedding invitation! A small camera icon with a strike through it, positioned tastefully in the program is one way. A tasteful sign as you enter the church is another. Recruit a friend’s child to walk down the aisle with the flower girl and ring bearer with a decorative sign that reads – No technology please. It will either bring a smile to guests face or annoy them – either way it’s a reminder and will get the point across.

    3. Do ask the officiant to ask for guests support. The officiant may make a statement before starting the ceremony saying, “Sara and Tom ask that you disconnect from your technology as you participate fully with your eyes and your heart.” It’s difficult to defy a plea from the clergy.

    4. Don’t expect fellow guests or your photographer to be the cell phone police. Although you may want others to help you reinforce your wishes, asking a guest to call out another guest is uncomfortable. Trust your friends and family will respect you enough to abide by your request.

    5. Do consider allowing your guests an opportunity to take a few pictures at some point during or after the ceremony. Some couples allow pictures before they walk back down the aisle after the ceremony, or at the reception. Others set up a festive photo booth at the reception. Find a method that suits your personal style and comfort level. For those that expect absolutely no photos during the entire wedding event – even of themselves, you can only hope for a miracle!

    6. Do let your guests know the parameters. Perhaps you don’t want pictures during the ceremony but don’t mind if they take an Instagram photo of the food at the reception. For some people, it would be unrealistic not to get a picture of a beautiful ocean view because it happens to be your wedding backdrop. Be clear – “No wedding photos of the bride and groom.”

    7. Don’t feel the need to give too much information. Minimize the drama. If you have decided to keep your wedding off social medias due to personal circumstances, less explanation is best. You can share your reasons with a few trusted friends, but otherwise, just state your request without the drama.

    8. Do think through how you will handle a cell phone cheater. What do you really plan to do if they break your self-imposed tech free law? Decide if it’s worth breaking up a friendship or family relationship over a breach in social media etiquette. Depending on the relationship, and the circumstances for your reason to unplug – the answer will vary.

    Wedding Guest Do’s and Don’ts

    1. Don’t text the bride or groom on the day of the ceremony asking for directions. Yes, this has happened! While it’s technically not part of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are off limits before the wedding.

    2. Do turn your cell phone off, rather than on vibrate. The buzzing sound of a phone can be distracting and ruin a magical moment.

    3. Do remove your smart watch. If you see your wrist lighting up, you can’t help but be tempted to check your messages or send a reply. Remove the temptation.

    4. Don’t post anything on social media without the permission of the bride and groom first. Too often pictures of the bride and groom go up before they have had a chance to enjoy their own photos. A bride also wants to be cast in the best possible light. Unless it’s a random picture that can’t be linked back to the wedding, like a light fixture, or a plant, keep it off your social media feed. And, skip any hashtags or references to the wedding.

    5. Don’t assume your exempt from the rules. Close family and friends often feel like they are special. On the contrary, you should be setting the example. Even if you are a parent, close family or friends, you are expected to abide by the same rules.

    6. Don’t be surprised when the newly married couple unfriends you on their own social media. If you ignored the many requests to unplug, you may have temporarily or permanently hurt a relationship.

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    DIY Boho Love Sign
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    DIY Boho Love Sign


    • Foam (3’ x 6’) (12” wide letters)
    • Ruler
    • Jigsaw
    • X-Acto Knife
    • Wood pegs
    • Wood glue
    • Paint (metallic)
    • Water spray bottle (1 part paint to 3 parts water)
    • PVC pipe for backing
    • Stake

    DIY Love Sign - Home & Family


    1. Measure 3’ x 6’ for “L” letter.

    2. Measure 4’ x 6’ for “O” “V” “E” letters.

    3. Use jigsaw to cut letters.

    4. Use X-Acto knife to create lines in letters.

    5. Use wood pegs as rivets. Glue.

    6. Paint with metallic color.

    7. Use spray bottle to add textured affect. Mix 1 part black paint with 3 parts water.

    8. Spray as desired.

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    DIY Floral Bouquet
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    DIY Floral Bouquet


    • Flowers
    • Ribbon, Burlap
    • Floral Tape
    • Floral Scissors
    • Glue Gun
    • Embellishments

    DIY Wedding Floral Bouquet - Home & Family


    1) Remove excess leaves from flowers

    2) Take flowers and begin to build bouquet, alternating flowers one at a time.

    3) As you add flowers, turn bouquet around (this gives it an even look)

    4) Once finished, tie together with floral tape

    5) Add ribbon and embellishments

    6) Store in water until ready to use

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    DIY Wedding Heels
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    DIY Wedding Heels


    • Heels
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Paint Pen
    • Brush
    • Craft Glue
    • Accessories (decretive gems)

    DIY Wedding Heels - Home & Family


    1. Tape off the edges of your heel.

    2. Using acrylic paint, add three layers of desired color to bottom of heels.

    3. Once the paint dries using a pain pen add "I DO" to each heel.

    4. Using craft glue add desired accessories to heel.

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    DIY Lush Wedding Swing
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    DIY Lush Wedding Swing


    • 3⁄4 inch galvanized threaded pipe
    • 45-degree elbow joints
    • 1x12 piece of wood and U-clamp for the seat
    • Grapevine wreath, twigs, greenery, real and silk flowers

    Wedding Twig and Floral Circular Swing - Home & Family


    1) Connect 8 pieces of 3/4th inch threaded pipe with 45 degree angle elbow joints,
    creating an octagon about 6 feet high

    2) Attach a 1x12 inch plank of wood to the base of the octagon using 2 u-clamps, creating the seat of the swing

    3) Hang on a sturdy beam or branch using two clove-hitch knots (directions found in video)

    4) Once the swing is hung, decorate to your heart's desire using flowers, twigs, greenery and more!

    Paige's Knot Instructions - Home & Family

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    DIY Glass Pendant Lights
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    DIY Glass Pendant Lights


    • 1/4" Rope
    • Mason jar
    • Bailing wire
    • Green moss
    • Battery candle/tea light
    • Wire cutters
    • Scissors


    Version 1

    1) Wrap several lengths of bailing wire around lip of open mason jar. Slip a short length of wire through the wrapped lengths and create a curved hanging handle.
    2) Loop rope around handle and tie off with wire.
    3) Place some moss in jar, place candle in. Hang by rope.

    Version 2
    1) Drill a small hole in lid of mason jar. Pull rope through and tie a knot.
    2) Add moss and candle
    3) Screw lid on and hang.

    Clean bottle and remove labels
    Use glass cutter to score the bottle where you want it to separate                                                                        
    Dip in hot and then cold bath until glass separates
    Sand rough edges

    DIY Glass Jar Lights - Home & Family

    Exclusive - Ken Wingard's DIY Recycled Lamp Plug

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    DIY Burlap Aisle Wedding Runner
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    DIY Burlap Aisle Wedding Runner


    • 100ft roll of burlap
    • 200 or more ribbon or lace
    • 2 to 3 small stencils & stencil brushes
    • Stencil adhesive
    • You Fabric Tac
    • Paint (white, brown or grey)
    • Paint Roller or sponge


    1) Roll out the burlap section by section.

    2) Place small stencils along the middle of the burlap, or, where you want the design to be located.

    3) A store bought stencil makes it easier.

    4) With a roller brush and paint, roll the paint over the stencil to create the pattern in the middle all the way down the runner (step and repeat)

    5) Let dry

    6) Take the lace and glue it all the way down either side of the burlap as trim.

    7) Take the wide 3" satin ribbon and create a ruffle trim all the way along both sides of the burlap.

    8) Roll out the burlap

    Paige & Jason's Wedding - Do It Yourself Burlap Aisle Wedding Runner

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    DIY Wedding Flower Chandelier
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    DIY Wedding Flower Chandelier


    You can use an old chandelier, but one second hand, or find a new one online for less than $70.



    You can clearly see empty spaces where you need to fill in with flowers.



    Bubbles will form while soaking. Wreath is finished soaking when bubbles cease. Let drip dry for a minimum of 2 hours before attaching to chandelier. The foam wreath should have enough water in it to “feed” the flowers for at least 24 hours.



    “Binding Wire” is a wire that has a special coating that will conform to your chandelier while preventing the wire from scratching or rusting your chandelier. You can find binding wire for $3.00 at any craft or garden store. Wrap the binding wire around your foam wreath and the chandelier. Twist the wire to itself for the length of 3 inches and cut off with wire cutters. Hide the wire by bending it back into the foam wreath. 



    The gauge of your wire will determine the ability to hold the weight or your flowers. For example, if the gauge of your wire holds 20 pounds and there are six points at which your flowers are bound to the chandelier, you can apply a total of 120 pounds of flowers to your wire.



    Prepared flowers ahead of time and them in a bucket that is handy for when you are ready to attach them to the wreath form.



    Cut the stems apart from the flowers. “Spray” roses by peeling the rose petals back to make them look like they are at full bloom. You can even paint them with flower paint to add more depth of color. Flower paint is available at any craft or garden store.



    The beauty of the floral foam wreath is all you have to do to secure the flowers is to stick the stem into the foam and they flower will stay in place.



    Start with the greenery first as a foundation. You can make the greenery to cascade down from the chandelier. Next place the larger flowers: the hydrangeas, the peonies, and then the roses. Then place the smaller flowers to fill in the empty spaces. Don’t be afraid to use silk flowers! The pros use silks all the time! Fake silks last forever and will save you money! Find the wedding floral arrangement of your dreams at The Hidden Garden,



    The life of the chandelier depends on the flowers chosen. Put the chandeliers together at least 2 hours before the event. Keep a spray bottle handy and spray the flowers with cool water often in order to keep your flowers fresh, especially if you live in a hot climate.



    Use common fishing line, or “monofilament”. Tie one end of the fish line to the crystal with any secure knot and secure the other end to a floral pick. Push the floral pick into the floral foam wreath oasis. Vary the length of the fishing wire to create levels at which the crystal can hang. The lights on the evening of the event will dance off of the crystals. Swarovski can be found at, where you can find 30,000 crystals, beads and tools in stock and ready to ship!



    If you were to pay a professional florist to do this it would cost upwards of $500, for just the service alone! That doesn’t include the materials! We made our chandelier for under $100! Paying for the flowers and materials yourself literally saves you hundreds of dollars!

    Paige & Jason's Wedding - DIY Flower Chandelier

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    Paige's Bridesmaids Invitations
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    Paige's Bridesmaids Invitations


    • Card stock
    • Craft wire
    • Glitter and/or decorative jewels/pearls
    • Glue
    • Wire snipper
    • Tulle (can be roll or fabric sized)
    • Scissors (regular)
    • Scissors (scalloped fancy)
    • 1/4" white satin ribbon
    • Decorative flower
    • Printer
    • Small hole punch


    1. Use our template to make your own wording on the dresses
    2. Print out the completed template (both pages)
    3. Cut out each dress (top and bottom)
    4. Cut your craft wire to 7.5" (for each dress)
    5. Cut additional craft wire to 2" (for each dress)
    6. Take 2' of tulle and fold it over on itself many times to give the illusion of a full petticoat under each dress
    7. Punch 2 small holes in bodice of the dress at the waist
    8. Hold the tulle in between the top and bottom of the dress, and thread the smaller wire through the holes. Attach in back.
    9. Cut the excess tulle around the dress
    10. Take the longer piece of wire and shape it into a hanger with a pair of needle-nosed pliers
    11. Glue the top and bottom pieces together with the wire hanger in between the dresses
    12. Add outside feathers and/or tulle
    13. Add any other embellishments like pearls, bling, or bows
    14. Glue everything to the dress
    15. Wrap up the dress in your favorite box and give it to your bridesmaids

    Download Paige Hemmis' DIY Bridesmaid Invite Template here!
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    Living Luminaries - Paige & Jason's Wedding
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    Living Luminaries - Paige & Jason's Wedding


    • Galvanized bucket
    • Hurricane lantern
    • Porch/table leg
    • Terra cotta saucer
    • Redwood brick
    • Screw washers
    • Wood glue
    • Glass glue
    • Sharpie


    1. Use Sharpie to outline redwood brick on bottom of bucket. 
    2. Apply wood glue to bottom of porch leg and glue to redwood brick
    3. Use drill and screw two screws into table leg to hold in place 
    4. Drill brick and leg into bucket
    5. Drill screw into the center of terra cotta saucer and then screw into the top of the table leg
    6. Apply wood glue to the bottom of the hurricane lantern and then firmly place it on to terra cotta saucer
    Paige & Jason's Wedding - Paige’s Living Luminaries

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