Gallery of Gowns

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Alexa PenaVega wore this lush wedding dress in "Ms. Matched"

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Vanessa Marcil wore this elegant, feminine gown in "The Convenient Groom"

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Danica McKellar wore this beautiful, beaded gown in “Wedding Bells

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In “Perfect Match” Danica McKellar helps her client to find the perfect wedding gown.
Suggestions included these beautiful dresses pictured above.

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The bride to be enjoyed trying on all of the selections!

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Another dress featured in “A Perfect Match

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This lovely, form-fitting wedding dress was featured in “Snow Bride” starring Katrina Law.

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These three very different gowns were featured in “Nearlyweds

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In “Merry Matrimony” this dress was featured in a Christmas wedding fashion shoot.

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Crystal Bernard wore this gown in “Meet the Santas” on her Christmas eve wedding.

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Chloe Baker's daughter wore this lovely gown in “Love Again

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Brooke D’Orsay wore this dreamy dress in “June in January

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This lovely and simple gown was worn by Autumn Reeser in “I Do, I Do, I Do

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Rachel Boston wore this detailed strapless gown in “Stop the Wedding

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This gown belonged to Jesse Metcalfe’s first fiance in “A Country Wedding

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Autumn Reeser donned this gown in her “Country Wedding

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Adrienne Kebel wore this gown in “Bridal Wave

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In “Backyard Wedding” Alicia Witt wore this elegant and feminine gown

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Lacey Chabert wore this ultra-feminine dress in “A Royal Christmas