Keith Robinson From the James Brown biopic "Get on Up," actor Keith Robinson tells us about his admiration for the perseverance

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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Keith Robinson
From the James Brown biopic "Get on Up," actor Keith Robinson tells us about his admiration for the perseverance James Brown displayed. In the Godfather of Soul's biopic, Keith portrays the bass player. In real life, music happens to be Keith's first love. Today, he performs his song "Famous," which was inspired by a scene from the film.
Keith Robinson's single hits shelves on August 5! "Get on Up" opens in theaters on Friday, August 1.

Cristina Grills Breakfast for Dinner

Cristina Cooks Grilled Breakfast for Dinner
You’ve probably heard of brunch and linner, but what about brinner? Today Cristina heats up the Evo grill to cook breakfast food for dinner. On the flat grilling surface, she cooks her version of huevos rancheros, eggs, bacon, peaches, pancakes, and more!
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Nicole Farb
"Darby Smart" CEO and founder Nicole Farb discusses launching a crafting industry startup after a Pinterest project went wrong. Nicole ambitiously attempted to make handmade professional looking thank you notes, but the cards didn't turn out quite like she planned. Now, Nicole's line of Darby Smart kits turns craft sales into successes by including all the essential ingredients to make purses, jewelry, and more! Today, Nicole teaches us to design safari-themed napkins and napkin rings.
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Must-Have Travel Accessories for Kids with Tanya Memme
Packing the entire family for vacation can be quite the chore. Tanya Memme is here with items to make this cumbersome task a tad bit easier. Take a look at these trendy cases and bags to organize jewelry, passports, laundry, wet bathing suits, toiletries, and more.
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3. Lil' Laundry Bag – Girls & Boy Baby Laundry Bag, $15,
4. Lil' Wet Suit – Girls Baby Bathingsuit & Lotions Case, $17,
5. My First Passport - Baby Passport Case, $13,
6. My First Vacation - Baby Picture Frame, $10,

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Managing Student Loans with Harvey Warren
Financial expert Harvey Warren shares the latest news on student loan legislation. Harvey gives an in-depth explanation of “pay as you earn” plans and discusses how loan forgiveness plans work. Learn the difference between federal and private loans and get pointed in the right direction of counseling services. Plus, find out what questions to ask and how to know whether your interest rate is fair.
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Debbie Matenopoulos Cooks Lemon-Baked Whole Mediterranean Trout

Debbie Matenopoulos Cooks Lemon-Baked Whole Mediterranean Trout
Today Debbie shows how to make a Mediterranean style lemon-baked whole trout. She explains why it's Greek custom to cook the fish with the head for additional flavor and how to select the freshest fish at the market. Then, Debbie makes al dente orzo salad with tomato and feta.
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Carey Brothers Demolish Dream Makeover Bathroom

"Home & Family" Dream Bathroom Makeover Sweepstakes Winner with The Carey Brothers
The Carey Brothers, James and Morris Carey, are back from their 2,300 mile long road trip to Borden, IN where they renovated the bathroom of Debora Dellinger. Eight months ago, Debora was announced as the lucky winner of the "Home & Family" Dream Bathroom Makeover Sweepstakes. The Carey Brothers take us inside the demolition process of the cramped 1966 bathroom. They also share the unexpected hiccup they encountered while tearing everything out. Plus, the Carey Brothers explain how to spot signs of leaks before the repair costs escalate into the tens of thousands of dollars. Later, they share get tips on what to fill a handy dandy tool bucket with and how to store a paint roller overnight. Stay tuned for the end result later this week! for more with The Carey Brothers.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills
"Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" castmates EJ Johnson, Morgan Stewart, and Roxy Sowalty weren't told the name of the show when they signed on to participate, but are happy with how they're portrayed as their true selves. Prior to the reality series, this privileged threesome from the 90210 had all been logtime friends. We even quiz them on how well they know one another in a game of Two Truths and a Lie. They tell us how they prepared their parents to brace themselves for some of the subject matter on select episodes and their ulterior motive to use the show as a platform for bigger and better things. Plus, EJ talks about taking a very different path in life than his basketball great dad Earvin "Magic" Johnson.
Season two of "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" premieres on Sunday, August 3 at 10/9c on E!

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Hallmark Channel Cat Adoption Tips

Hallmark Channel's Pet Project with Dr. Kwane Steward & Marc Peralta
Veterinarian Dr. Kwane Steward, DVM is joined by Marc Peralta, executive director of Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles to discuss cat and kitten adoption. Shelters are currently overwhelmed with an increased population of felines, so now is the purr-fect time to welcome one home. Find out how you and your dog can bond with a new cat. And, learn about the importance of spaying/neutering, why it's no longer necessary to de-claw, and why it's safer to keep cats indoors. Plus, for the career-oriented or jet-setting person, the self-sufficient nature of cats suits that lifestyle just fine.
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