Alicia Witt It's never to early to start planning for Christmas around here. Singer/songwriter Alicia Witt gives us advance

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Friday, July 25th, 2014

Alicia Witt Performs

Alicia Witt
It's never to early to start planning for Christmas around here. Singer/songwriter Alicia Witt gives us advance details of her upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Holiday Help." Alicia developed a love of music at a young age and today she treats us to a performance of "About Me" off her new album. Plus, she talks about her residency at an intimate Los Angeles venue, The Hotel Cafe.
You can catch Alicia in "Reasons to Be Pretty" at the Geffen Playhouse from July 29-August 31 and at The Hotel Cafe on Sundays in August. For more information on Alicia, please visit and follow her on Twitter @aliciawitty.

Travel Like a Pro with Kym Douglas
Kym Douglas is helping you pack your luggage with ease for your next vacation. She showcases a great, tiny power charger to keep all your electronics full of juice. Learn a nifty space-saving packing method. Check out this backpack on wheels that allows you to navigate the airport easily and limits you from overpacking. Plus, keep tabs on your kids with a barcode bracelet that contains important identification and allergy information, which can help kind strangers return your children to you safely.
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Measles 101 with Dr. JJ Levenstein
Measles had nearly become extinct in the United States for decades, but the illness is making a comeback and that is not a good thing. Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP explains why it's essential for babies to get vaccinated and for a booster shot to be administered between the ages of 4-6. She believes the resurgence of measles is partly due to travel, noticing cases are being imported from such international destinations as the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Domestic outbreaks have popped up in various regions in the United States following an increasing number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children. Dr. Levenstein describes the symptoms of this highly contageous condition and the best way to treat it. Plus, get educated on the concept of "herd immunity."
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Summer Gardens with Shirley Bovshow

Shirley Bovshow Looks at Our Facebook Friends' Summer Gardens
Shirley Bovshow praises "Home & Family" viewers who've submitted photographs of their summer gardens for her to review. She offers suggestions on ways to improve upon some of the gardens. Shirley also comments on a trend she's noticing more of, vegetable gardens in the front yard. Plus, consider planting in raised garden beds instead of digging holes in the ground. And, find out how the "mortgage lifter" heirloom tomatoe earned its name.
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Big Fat Greek Baby Shower Decorations

Debbie Matenopoulos' Big, Fat Greek Baby Shower
Opa! "Home & Family" throws a Big, Fat Greek Baby Shower to celebrate Debbie Matenopoulos. Friends Katherine Wagner, Christos Garkinos, Lisa Stanley, Kerri Kasem, and Ben Lyons join the family for this joyous occasion. Plus, some of Debbie's past colleagues from "The View," "The Insider," and "E! News" send her special congratulatory video messages. Sophie Uliano and Tanya Memme are at the helm of the Grecian-themed decorations. Find out how they accomplished this all on a budget. Later, family and friends send wishes to the future Greek god or goddess, play a round of baby songburst, and suggest monikers on a baby name tree.
In other exciting baby news, family member Matt Rogers is elated to announce that he and his wife welcomed daughter Samantha Faith Rogers this week! His little girl makes her debut right here on "Home & Family" with video from the delivery room mere moments after she was born.
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Lamb Chops and Fingerling Potatoes

Cristina Cooks Lamb Chops & Fingerling Potatoes
In honor of Debbie's baby shower, Cristina and Kym borrow a recipe from the mom-to-be's cookbook, "It's All Greek to Me." She cooks lamb chops and fingerling potatoes on an EVO grill like you would find in a hibachi restaurant.
@IAmDebbieM. Her first cookbook, "It's All Greek to Me," is available in stores now and at

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