Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

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“New Life” Interview

Actress Erin Bethea and director Drew Waters talk about their film, “New Life,” which was inspired by the death of Drew’s grandfather. In the film, Erin plays a cancer patient and she talks about shaving her head on camera in order to bring a more realistic feel to the movie. Erin even shares that her manager dropped her when she shaved her head for the role, but she has no regrets. Drew also shaved his head in unity of the characters in the film. The film opens up in select cities this Friday.

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What Your Shoes Say About You

Kathy Kelada sits down with Home & Family to talk about her new book, “Be the Shoe” and shares what your shoes says about you. She breaks down the variety of shoes and what personality goes with each.

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Lemon Chicken with Green Harissa and Roasted Eggplant - Home & Family

Lemon Chicken with Green Harissa and Roasted Eggplant Sauce

Chef Marcus Samuelsson is in the kitchen preparing lemon chicken with green harissa and roasted eggplant sauce. While cooking, the “Top Chef” winner also opens up about running 23 restaurants and his brand new cookbook, “The Red Rooster Cookbook,” which pays homage to the culinary flavors you can currently find in Harlem.

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Joey Alexander Interview

Musician Joey Alexander visits Home & Family to demonstrate his talent for playing the piano. 13-year-old Joey is not a fan of the term, “child prodigy,” because he just enjoys playing the music. His love of jazz music started at birth, but he started playing the piano at the age of six. Joey has a sophomore album about to come out, “Countdown” and he even stays to play his song, “City Lights,” dedicated to New York City.

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Four Costume Ideas with One Little Black Dress - Home & Family

4 Costume Ideas, 1 Little Black Dress

DIY expert Brit Morin joins Mark and Debbie to introduce you to four costume ideas using just one simple black dress. By adding a few accessories, you can change the entire look!

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Double Duty Accessories - Home & Family

Double Duty Accessories for Guys

Kym Douglas is showing you some of the latest in men’s accessories. Using Dan Kohler as her model, she introduces you to a variety of accessories that achieve two or more functions.

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DIY Flying Ghosts - Home & Family

DIY Flying Ghosts

Orly Shani and Paige Hemmis team up for a DIY that is perfect for Halloween - flying ghosts! For an extra-spooky effect, they add glow in the dark lights, for theatrics at night. Paige recommends hanging the ghosts with fishing twine so that you can’t see it in daylight.

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The Science of Tapioca - Home & Family

The Science Behind Tapioca

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen breaking down the science of tapioca, which he explains is made from the casanova root. He shows you how to make tapioca simple syrup using boiling water and then adds it to tea for extra-flavor.

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Mindful Eating

Susan Albers gives you some helpful tips on how to mindfully eat during the holidays. This includes learning how to sooth yourself without food, eat with your less dominant hand to help you eat more slowly, and to use red plates because your brain is trained to think that red means stop or slow down.

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