Gwendoline Yeo Interview - Home & Family

Gwendoline Yeo Interview

Actress and Musician Gwendoline Yeo talks about the premiere of her new show “American Crime” which airs Thursdays, 10/9c on ABC. She loves her character because she is so direct and plays a tough woman. Gwendoline shares how culture shocked she was when she moved to America from Singapore and how she learned speaking English by watching TV. She credits America to saving her life because she learned to show love and affection and people were so complimentary. 

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Amazing Tea Bag Life Hacks

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas gives you a list of things you can do with tea bags including degreasing dirty dishes to cleaning mirrors. Who knew?

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Venezuelan Arepas with Shredded Beef - Home & Family

Venezuelan Arepas with Shredded Beef

Chef Alejandra Schrader joins the Home & Family kitchen to prepare a delicious traditional dish, Venezuelan Arepas with Shredded Beef. Alejandra says the arepa can be stuffed with anything, but she prefers shredded beef and the bread is gluten-free!

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Do It Yourself House Numbers - Home & Family

DIY House Numbers

Ken Wingard shows you a creative and inexpensive way to decorate your home with address numbers. Gwendoline joins in and is loving being Ken’s assistant on the project.

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Azie Tesfal’s Jewelry Line

Actress Azie from the CW show, “Jane the Virgin”  sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the jewelry line, Fortuned Culture. The jewelry line has foundational roots in social responsibility. Within two months Fortuned Culture was able to feed 300 kids for an entire year! Azie designs for the jewelry line and is motivated by the thought that the money generated is helping people. She believes if you put love behind something, it will multiply in success.

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Robin McGraw Interview

TV Personality and Author Robin McGraw talks about her organization, Robin has a mission to empower women and girls through her organization. She grew up with an alcoholic father who was also a gambler. In her family it was her mother who made sure the family survived and would be strong.  In that, the organization is after her mother, Georgia. Her mother passed away of undiagnosed heart disease at the young age of 58 which motivated Robin to start taking care of her own health for the sake of her family. Robin’s organization has also designed a “hidden” app for victims of abuse so they can reach out and seek help without their abusers knowing.

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Onions 101 - Home & Family

Onions 101

Gardening Expert Shirley Bovshow is back to explain the varieties of onions available today. Pearl onions are eaten as a vegetable rather than a flavoring ingredients and Sweet Maui onions are great for onion rings. Shallots are popular in French recipes. Storage onions are harvested when mature and dried for long storage. Pyruvate acid is released when an onion is cut causing irritation to the eyes. Shirley recommends growing onions in well-drained soil, but not saturated.

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Yogic Breathing 101 - Home & Family

The Importance of Yogic Breathing

Gurunanda, an entrepreneur turned yogi talks about Yogic Breathing and how it saved his life. He points out that concentrated breathing helps eliminate stress. Before discovering yogic breathing, Gurunanda had no balance in his life. Gurunanda sold his business and became a yoga teacher to teach others what he had learned. The yogi teaches the Home & Family members how to de-stress using breathing as an exercise. They all participate and enjoy the results.

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Must-Have Baby Products

New Mom Debbie has been loving doing research for products for parents:

Motorola Baby Monitor: $199.99

Noggin Stik: $24.99

Teething Bling: $19.99

Rainforest Play Mat: $69.99

Bouncy Chair: $55.99