Frances Fisher Interview - Home & Family

Frances Fisher Interview

Actress Frances Fisher stops by to talk to Mark and Cristina about her new upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Portrait of Love.” She even brings a preview of the movie for Home & Family to watch. Frances also opens up about her daughter with Clint Eastwood, Francesca who is now 21 and following in her parents’ footsteps and works as an actor, too!

Don't miss Frances in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Portrait of Love" premiering this Saturday, 8/7c.

Chorizo and Clams - Home & Family

Chorizo and Clams

The chef from the restaurant “The Hungry Cat,” David Lentz stops by to cook Chorizo and Clams with Cristina in the kitchen. David says his inspiration for opening up a seafood restaurant was growing up in Maryland, along the Chesapeake Bay. This recipe is the restaurant’s signature dish and is a hit with Home & Family!

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DIY Modern Country Kitchen Decor

Ken shows you how to make your own Modern Country Kitchen Decor. The idea came when he saw it at a store and realized he could do it himself at home, using just a few materials and saving a lot of money.  
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Dayna Devon Talks Athletic Fashion

Dayna Devon Talks Athletic Fashion

TV Personality Dayna Devon talks about what inspired her to get in shape, and how that lead to her starting her own line of athletic clothing. She said she wanted to launch a line that was different from all the other athletic clothing out there. She also wanted to create clothes that you can work out in and also change up and wear for a night out, too!

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The Return of  “American Ninja Warrior”

Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila talk about their NBC show “American Ninja Warrior” which makes its return to TV on Monday, May 25th, 8/7c. The show spans age, gender and backgrounds and now has training gyms popping up all over the country!

Don't miss "American Ninja Warrior" on NBC, May 25th, 8/7c

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How Make Quick Cheeses - Home & Family

How to Make Quick Cheeses

Dan Kohler joins Cristina in the kitchen to show her how to make various cheeses. To make “quick” cheeses, heat milk, add acids, drain the whey, and press the curds. Dan explains that food is chemistry and once you break it down, you can make it yourself. He serves some homemade ricotta cheese, as well.

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DIY Hot Air Balloon Prop

Tanya Memme shows you how with limited supplies you can make your own Hot Air Balloon Prop which makes for the perfect setting for your child’s picture day. Just a reminder to buy your helium balloons on the day of the shoot so they don’t go flat beforehand.

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Kids’ Nighttime Maladies - Home & Family

Kids’ Nighttime Maladies

Dr. JJ is back to discuss kids’ nighttime maladies, such as a rise in body temperature as your child sleeps, night fevers, and pressures in the eardrum. She offers up some tips on how you can treat your child during these times.

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Beets 101 - Home & Family

Planting Beets 101

Shirley Bovshow shows you how to plant beets in any type of weather. Beets are cold weather vegetables, all you need is a softer soil to dig the dirt. Swiss chard is related to the beet family, same taste, minus the root. Beet sugar comes from white sugar beets and makes up half of the US sugar production. Plant beet seeds every three weeks for extended harvest season. One more lesson is to not wash the beets before refrigerating them.

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