Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

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Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake

Baker and cookbook author of “Cake, I Love You!” Jill O’Connor is in the kitchen baking a mouth-watering chocolate cake using mayonnaise with a homemade chocolate bar frosting. She uses mayonnaise because it is a great substitute for both egg and butter/oil. When you add espresso to the ingredients, it magnifies the chocolate in the cake.

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Tara Lipinski

Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her iconic career, where she won gold at the Nagano Olympic games in 1998. Tara also shares photos from her favorite memories on the ice, including when she was a young girl.

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DIY Perfume Bottle Reed Diffusers

Orly Shani is using FaceTime with Home & Family viewer Ashley Martens of Chicago, Illinois to work on this DIY using perfume bottle reed diffusers using essential oils, rhinestones, glue, dried flowers and eye droppers. Before getting started make sure your perfume bottles are completely cleaned out before adding the essential oil.

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Clayton and Ashlee Hurst

Husband and wife Clayton and Ashlee Hurst visit Home & Family and discuss their new book “Hope for Your Marriage.” The couple open up about their own hardships in marriage and how they learned that men and women communicate differently in relationships.

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Papa Rellenas

Lifestyle expert Sabrina Soto is in the kitchen preparing a Spanish dish of papa rellenas with potatoes and ground beef. Each rellena should be around the size of a small baseball. After making the papa rellenas, Sabrina shows you how to make your own homemade avocado dipping sauce to go with the dish.

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DIY Vintage Ice Skate Art

Ken Wingard is showing you how to recycle an old pair of ice skates and turn them into a work of art. Before getting started, make sure your skates can fit into the frame you plan on using. When you are done putting the art together, hang the frame from your wall using cup hooks.

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Grilled Skirt Steak

Chef and author of “Eating Well to Win,” Richard Ingraham is grilling up a skirt steak with faro, roasted broccoli and herb garlic butter. He recommends getting the steak warm to room temperature before grilling. To get a medium rare meat, the instant read thermometer should be be at about 130 degrees. When done, let the steak sit for seven minutes before slicing, to make sure it is at its juiciest.

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DIY Puzzle Mat

Paige Hemmis is celebrating National Puzzle Day January 29th by making a puzzle mat. She also discusses her own love for exercising her brain with puzzles, jigsaws, word searches and problem solving skills. You can find your own jigsaw puzzles at your local Hallmark Crown Store.

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Adopting a Cat

Larissa Wohl is breaking down how to prepare your house when adopting a new a cat. She recommends a cat litter genie, which helps with clean-up, a cat scratch will help keep the cat’s claws and back healthy, and a scratching post will keep your new cat from attacking your furniture.