Elizabeth De Razzo Interview

The comedic actress talks about her new role on Comedy Central’s, “Idiotsitter.” She shares the story of packing her bags and moving to Hollywood with only $700 in her pocket, to pursue her dream of acting. Elizabeth loves playing the funny character of “Joy” in the new show, despite the fact that she always thought she would be a dramatic actress!

Pasta Chitarra - Home & Family

Pasta Chitarra

The Executive Chef of Las Vegas’s “Allegro” restaurant Enzo Febbraro is in the kitchen preparing a Southern Italian dish, Pasta Chitarra. A self-described mama’s boy, Home & Family surprise Enzo with a visit from his mother via Skype, who resides in Naples, Italy. The chef credits his mother with teaching him everything he needed to know about cooking. The dish is a huge hit!

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DIY Captain Mirror - Home & Family

DIY Captain Mirror

Ken Wingard was first inspired by this DIY when he found out Mark spent almost $900 on his captain mirror. Using just a small list of supplies, Ken makes his own captain mirror, that only costs about $48 in materials.

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Little Girl Spring Hair Fashions

Debbie Matenopoulos is joined by a very sweet guest star, her daughter Alexandra, to show you the variety of styles you can create for baby hair. Debbie introduces you to a variety of hair clips, bows and headbands that not only keep your baby stylish, but also comfortable by getting hair out of the eye area.

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Boris Kodjoe Interview

The handsome actor sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his role on “Code Black,” which airs Wednesdays, 10/9c on CBS. He explains that the term “Code Black” refers to when the patient load at a hospital outweighs the resources that are available. When Boris first got the part, he called his father, who was a retired doctor, so that he could get some pointers for the character. The actor also works closely with Sophie’s Voice Foundation, which he started when his daughter was born with Spina Bifida.

DIY Water Rockets - Home & Family

DIY Water Rockets

Matt Rogers and Dan Kohler team up for a very fun project: water rockets! Dan gives Matt some tips on how to create the perfect water rocket using the laws of physics. Together, the guys make a parachute rocket, glider rocket and fin rocket.

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Burn Safety Awareness Week - Home & Family

Burn Safety Awareness

Dr. JJ visits Home & Family to talk about burn safety awareness. She explains that 85%-90% of scald burns are related to accidents happen involving cooking, drinking or serving hot liquids and 84% of those burns take place at home. Dr. JJ is joined by show producer, Milena Monrroy, who shares her own story of having third degree burns as a child from a pot of boiling water. Dr. JJ offers up some tips that parents can do at home to avoid such accidents in the house.

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Dressing For Your Oscar Party

Lawrence Zarian gets you ready for your Oscar party on Sunday by introducing you to reasonable and fashionable gowns that will guarantee to turn heads. The best part about these dresses is that you can wear one to your Oscar party, then turn around and wear the same dress to a fancy occasion party.

DIY Stencil Art - Home & Family

DIY Stencil Art

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to make a fun and artistic DIY, Stencil Art. She recommends using unprimed canvas, which will help absorb moisture of your compound. All of the materials needed for this DIY can be found at your local craft or hardware store.

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