Steve Schirripa Interview

The actor/producer/author sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his popular CBS series, “Blue Bloods.” Steve picked up several tips on how to play an authentic detective on the show. One of his favorite scenes on each week’s show is the family dinners because in real life, he grew up participating in Sunday family dinners. Before “Blue Bloods,” Steve was also well known for his role on the iconic series, “The Sopranos,” where he formed a strong friendship with James Gandolfini. Aside from acting Steve also has a line of organic pasta sauces as a way to honor of his late mother.

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Fabio Viviani Cooks - Home & Family

Fabio Viviani Cooks!

The chef is back in the kitchen talking about life as a father and shares a video of him with his son, who he calls his little “peanut.” Today Fabio is cooking up one of his wife’s favorite meals, prosciutto-wrapped fillet medallions with truffle cauliflower puree and roasted chick peas. He uses filet because it is one of the most tender meats to cook with and he prepares it medium rare.

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DIY Finalist: Ursula Carmona - Home & Family

High End Pillows

Dream Jobbing finalist, Ursula Carmona stops by to show off her DIY skills by making her own high end pillows for as little as five dollars. Aside from home schooling her three daughters, Ursula also teaches DIY classes. Her DIY pillows are washable and easy to switch out, if you want to change styles with the seasons. She encourages you to use painters tape to prevent the paint from bleeding outside the lines on the pillow.

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Bobbie Thomas Interview

Style expert Bobbie Thomas visits Home & Family to talk about her journey with in vitro fertilization. She explains that it was at the age of 40, she and her husband decided to start a family and her doctor’s told her she had an 8% of getting pregnant. She says that fertility talk is a taboo in society, especially among men. With Bobbie talking about her own infertility problems, she hopes that more women will start asking questions earlier. It took five attempts with in vitro fertilization before she became pregnant. Now she and her husband have a beautiful nine month old baby boy, Miles.

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Baby Food Taste Test

Kristin Smith and Debbie Matenopoulos make their favorite baby-friendly dishes and Cristina, Fabio and Steven serve as the judges. Kristin’s dish is called “Jamaican Blue Breeze” which has mango, greek yogurt and avocado. While Debbie’s dish has sweet potato, sage, butter, cinnamon and salt and says her daughter loves it. In the end, Cristina and Steven go with Debbie’s dish, while Fabio loves Kristin’s.

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Jessi Case Interview

The young actress talks to Mark and Cristina about her new movie, “Mother’s Day,” which opens in theaters on Friday. In the film, Jessi plays Jason Sudeikis’s young daughter and helps with her dad’s dating life. Because Jessi also stars alongside Jennifer Aniston in the movie, Mark and Cristina decide to have a little fun by giving her a “Friends” trivia quiz, which she passes with flying colors.

Rules About What to Wear to a Wedding

Debbie Matenopoulos has some simple rules for how to dress for weddings. She points out that wedding invites can help you decide on what style of dress to wear. Also, one of the most important rules to follow is to not upstage the bride with your dress.

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Mother's Day Gift Baskets - Home & Family

Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Cristina demonstrates how to build Mother’s Day gift baskets with the help of Hallmark products. Cristina advises you to not overcrowd your basket and make sure you add some personal touches. Cristina shows Mark the Mother’s Day gift baskets she made Debbie and Kristin. Cristina then breaks down in tears when she starts talking about what motherhood means to her.

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How to Stage Your Home - Home & Family

How to Stage a House for Sale

Paige Hemmis shows you how to stage your house so potential buyers will be more attracted to it. Before staging, depersonalize the house by removing family photos. Also, declutter the house so it doesn't create anxiety. Finally, stage your home in neutral colors so it is appealing for all eyes.

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DIY Fashionable and Functional Aprons - Home & Family

Fashionable and Functional Aprons

Ken Wingard is showing you how to make your very own aprons that are not only fashionable, but also functional. Once you establish your pattern of the apron, make sure the measurements will fit your body. Add pockets to the apron in a variety of sizes. One pocket can hold pencils and paint brushes, while the other pocket is good to hold your cell phone or keys. Add grommets to your apron to hold your straps.

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