Gabrielle Reece Interview - Home & Family

Gabrielle Reece Interview

Host Gabrielle Reece opens up to Mark and Cristina about her new reality series, “Strong,” which airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC. The show matches female contestants up with some of the most elite male trainers from across the country. She also talks about growing up with hardships, including the death of her father from a plane crash when she was five years old. Growing up with challenges has made it important to establish a foundation of love and honesty for raising her three daughters with her husband, Laird Hamilton.

Seafood Kabobs - Home & Family

Fisherman Kabobs

Chef Amy Riolo is back in the kitchen preparing a meal from her cookbook, The Italian Diabetes Cookbook. Before she starts cooking, she shows Home & Family how to properly taste olive oil, like you would sip on a glass of wine. A really good olive oil should have a fresh and peppery aroma. Amy prepares fisherman kabobs with swordfish, explaining that any firm and structured fish can be substituted in this recipe. Make sure you don’t overcook your fish on the kabob and you will know it is done when it turns an opaque color. She also shows you how to make your own pesto to pair with your fish.

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DIY Loafers - Home & Family

Shoes into Loafers

Orly Shani shows you how to take any pair of shoes and turn them into fashionable loafers using faux leather, scissors and TopStick. When it comes to the TopStick, you can find it on Amazon or in your local beauty supply store. Don’t be afraid to have fun with the colors and the texture. This entire DIY will only cost you only five dollars!

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Products for Picky Eaters

Kym Douglas is helping those moms out there who are raising picky eaters by giving you some helpful products to check out. One is a “Mr. Food Face Plate” which allows kids to make fun faces with their food on their plate. The Food Cubby helps kids seperate the food on their plate and the inventor, six-year-old Ruby Lucken, Skypes in and talks about how she came up with the idea. The Food Cubby is for all ages and can even help people with physical disabilities.

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Pierson Fode Interview

The hunky Pierson Fode stops by Home & Family to talk about his character, Thomas Forrester on the daytime soap opera, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” He plays a playboy trying to change his ways while addressing his relationship with his father. In real life, the actor grew up on a farm in Washington, where he raised cattle and even sold asparagus from his family’s property. Finally, he shows Home & Family how to milk a real life cow!

Dog Training: Training Misconceptions - Home & Family

Dog Training: Misconceptions

Celebrity dog trainer Joel Silverman is back to explain some of the most common misconceptions when working with dogs. He says you should always use commands when talking to a dog, never make it a question. When you teach your dog to stay, walk towards your dog to give them a reward to them. Finally, give them a reward for good behavior 20% of the time and affection as a reward 80% of the time.

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DIY Tips

Mark, Cristina, Ken and Orly gather around to give you some of their personal favorite DIY tips. From getting inspired to learning by trial and error, these pros have you covered.

Cortney Novogratz Interview

Designer and mom of 7, Cortney Novogratz talks about her job and moving to Los Angeles to host her show, “The Castle Next Door: Novogratz Family Takes Hollywood,” which streams on As a designer, Courtney has taught her children how to take an interest in shopping at the flea market. She brings a clip of her children learning how to bargain with vendors and discovering some pretty fun items.

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Sh-Bob Hair

Debbie Matenopoulos is joined by beauty expert Robby LaRiviere to talk about the latest trend, sh-bob haircuts. Robby explains that this cut is very popular with new moms because it is is manageable and keeps toddlers from pulling at it. He even demonstrates how flattering this cut is by performing it on one of the show’s producers. Once you get the bob, you can style it any way you want: beach waves, straight or even up in a ponytail.

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DIY Baby Mobiles - Home & Family

DIY Mobiles

Ken Wingard is Celebrating Baby by showing you how to make your own mobiles that resemble mythical ceiling art starting with a styrofoam sphere. When he is done carving the sphere and painting, he hangs the mobile from the ceiling using fishing line and a washer. You can even add toys and little trees that you find at your craft store.

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