Viewer Mail - Cleaning Edition
The family is sharing their cleaning tips as we prepare for the holidays.
  1. How often should I clean all the different parts of my home?

    • Download an illustrated guideline here. And use a great multi-purpose solution like Libman multi-surface disinfecting cleaner.
  2. How should I clean a cast iron pan?

    • Fill your cast iron pan with water and put it on the stove to boil. When the boiling water has loosened the stuck-on grime, use a mesh scrubber to easily remove it.
    • Every few months, coat your pan with a high heat oil and put in the oven for one hour at 400 to re-season.
  3. What is laundry stripping and does it work?

    • Laundry stripping is the process of deep cleaning fabrics. It’s best to do only a few times a year on your heavy duty laundry like towels, bath mats and blankets.
    • o strip your laundry, mix equal parts borax, washing soda and powdered detergent (¼ cup each) into a tub filled with hot water. Add your laundry and stir occasionally. Let soak for 4-6 hours and then wash and dry normally.

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