John O’Hurley Interview

With Mark on vacation, Cristina is joined by guest co-host John O’Hurley. The actor has been staying busy with getting ready for his live show, “A Man with Standards” which debuts in San Francisco’s Hotel Nikko on October 30th. After the interview, John even performs a song for the Home & Family audience!

How to Make Spaetzle - Home & Family

How to Make Spaetzle

With Oktoberfest in full force, Chef Bernhard Maringer is in the kitchen preparing Spaetzle, which is an egg dumpling with German and Austrian roots. The chef is getting ready for the upcoming Oktoberfest celebration at his downtown Los Angeles restaurant, BierBiesl Imbiss.

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DIY Turtleneck and Chokers

Kym Douglas is here to tell you that the choker fad is back! The 90’s look is making a comeback and Kym shows you how to create your very own using old material you have lying around the house. You can cut up an old pair of leggings,  add rhinestones to them and be in fashion. This whole DIY is practically free!

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Interview

NBA champion basketball player turned author talks about his latest book, “Mycroft Holmes” that he co-wrote with Anna Waterhouse. The main character of the book is Sherlock Holmes’ brother. Growing up, Kareem enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories and considered him to be the greatest detective. You can now purchase Kareem’s book at bookstores nationwide.

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Mommy Fitness Tips - Home & Family

Mom Workout

Mommy Fitness Expert Kristin Smith is back to show you moms out there some easy workout moves by combining yoga and voguing. She shows Home & Family various poses that she would consider “Voga.”

Lizzie Velasquez Interview - Home & Family

Lizzie Velasquez Interview

The motivational speaker and author Lizzie Velasquez stops by to talk about her rare congenital disease, which only two other people have been diagnosed with. Lizzie’s condition doesn’t allow her to accumulate any body fat and her current weight is 58 pounds. Lizzie recalls being bullied as a child and today she is lobbying for the first ever Federal Anti-Bullying Bill which is entitled The Safe Schools Improvement Act.
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Tanya Memme and Dr. JJ Team Up - Home & Family

Staying Healthy This Fall

Tanya Memme and Dr. JJ team up with CVS to talk about the ways you can stay healthy this fall with the help of products from CVS. This includes daily vitamins, probiotics, flu shots, adequate sleep, healthy snacks and hand sanitizers.

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Do It Yourself Hanging Herb Garden - Home & Family

DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Ken Wingard has the perfect DIY for those with a green thumb. He shows you how to how create your very own hanging herb garden. This entire DIY will cost you $20, where if you were buy it retail it can cost you up to $100!

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