Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

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Darby Stanchfield Interview

The actress sits down with Debbie and Mark to talk about her new film, “Loserville,” which opens up this Friday and is available on VOD on October 4th. She talks about playing the mom of a teenager and opens up about her own awkward teenage years growing up in rural Alaska. Aside from working on this film, Darby can also be seen in the upcoming season of “Scandal,” which premieres in January.

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Home Cook Finalist: Michael Odiari - Home & Family

Alaskan Salmon with Jollof Rice

Home Cook finalist Michael Odiari is in the Home & Family kitchen making one of his favorite dishes, Alaskan salmon with jollof rice. He talks about how he used to cook for his college football team when he played in Texas. The recipe is packed with all kinds of spices to enhance the flavor. The dish is a hit with the family!

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How to Use Cinnamon Sticks at Home - Home & Family

How to Use Cinnamon Sticks at Home

Rachel Hollis is back and she is talking about how to get your home to smell of cinnamon, which is perfect for fall.

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DIY Furniture Placement

Interior designer Vern Yip talks about common questions that people have regarding furniture placement. He explains that the coffee table should not exceed the length of the couch and your coffee table should be at least 18” from your sofa. He also offers up tips on how to hang your art work and how to determine what size your television is.

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Going from Debt to Debt-Free - Home & Family

Debt to Debt-Free

Frugal spending expert Lauren Greutman talks about how she went from being $42,000 in debt and how she turned that around in two years. She says they saved money by moving into a smaller home, cut their food bill and set up major budgets in their household. This also included canceling their cable service and making money by doing surveys.

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Craft Tool Reviews and Demo

Ken Wingard breaks down what craft tools you should check out, especially when it comes to building Halloween DIYs.

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Lemon Artichoke Chicken - Home & Family

21 Day Sugar Detox

Best selling author Diane Sanfilippo is giving some tips on how to detox from sugar. The self-described sugar addict talks about the differences between a craving and a habit and how to fight both. She also includes a recipe from her cookbook, lemon and artichoke chicken.

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Drinko Plinko - Home & Family

Drinko Plinko Game

Matt Iseman is back in his man cave showing you how to make your own fun game of drinko plinko, inspired by the classic game you can catch on the tv show, “Price is Right.”

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