Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

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Meat Loaf Visits - Home & Family

Meat Loaf Cooks

The iconic singer is in the Home & Family kitchen whipping up a healthy shrimp biryani. He explains that he and his wife have recently gone a healthier route with food, making meals that focus on lean protein and are low in carbs. This was a big change from the meals he grew up with in Texas which were filled with meat and potatoes. He also talks about his new album, “Braver Than We Are” which is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.

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Media Room Reveal

Homee App’s Madeline Fraser is back to reveal the big media room makeover at Home & Family.

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DIY Date Night - Home & Family

DIY Date Night

Rachel Hollis of The Chic Site is showing you how to have the perfect date night. Using popsicle sticks, she encourages couples to write down fun date ideas. Then you can take turns pulling out sticks at random to help you choose what to do on your date night.

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AJ Michalka Interview

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about her ABC comedy, “The Goldbergs,” which airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c. She loves how genuine the show is, especially since the character Adam is based on the show creator Adam Goldberg’s real childhood. She calls the job the most fun she has ever had. She shares that one of the most favorite things about her job is the cool 80’s wardrobe.

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Products for Workaholics

Kym Douglas has a whole new list of fun and inventive products that workaholics will love. From a hoodie that acts as a pillow to a tie that also holds water, Kym has you covered!

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The Science of Freezer Burn - Home & Family

The Science of Freezer Burn

Dan Kohler explains what happens to your food when you place it in the freezer. He explains that the result of freezer burn is black spots and ice crystals growing on food. A way to prevent it is wrapping wax paper on your food, then placing it in a sealable freezer bag. Make sure you double wrap food, too, just be extra cautious.

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The Power of “No”

Author Amy Newmark talks about putting her three-decade career on Wall Street to start writing “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Today is talking about the power of the answer no. She encourages people to put themselves first and focus on “me” time. The family members open up about their own challenges to saying no.

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DIY Safety Pin Necklace - Home & Family Necklace

DIY Safety Pin Necklace

Orly Shani is showing you how to make your own trendy safety pin necklace. She recommends using a double layered necklace and adding some fun ball beads to the necklace for more texture. This entire DIY will cost you as little as $15.

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Home Cook Contest - Home & Family

Home Cook Contest

Kym Douglas, Shanti Hinojos and Dan Kohler introduce you to three more finalists for the Home & Family Home Cook Contest.