Michael Weston Interview

The actor visits Home & Family to talk about his new Fox television series, “Houdini & Doyle,” which airs Mondays at 9/8c. In the show, Michael plays the great escape artist Harry Houdini, and even had to re-enact the underwater stunt that the great magician made famous over 100 years ago. To add more of an authentic touch to the show, the production filmed in the same theater that Houdini performed in. Aside from acting, Michael also opens up about the joys of being a new father.

Green Chicken Enchiladas - Home & Family

Chef Lala Cooks

Cookbook author and certified nutritionist, Lala is in the kitchen preparing green chicken enchiladas and pairing them with a margatini. She adds tomatillos to the dish especially because they are fresh and in season. As she prepares the meal, she talks about the joys of cooking with her 10-year-old son, Maddox. Lala recommends adding extra vegetables to the enchiladas to make them healthier - the kids won’t even notice!

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DYI Finalist: Deborah Beard - Home & Family

DIY Gold Glitter Chair

Dream Jobbing finalist Deborah Beard is visiting Home & Family to show off her DIY skills by making a gold glitter chair. She admits that glitter can get messy, to which Mark replies that is exactly why he refuses to work with it. At the end, the shiny gold glitter chair will cost you only $25.

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Mother’s Day Coupon Deals

Melea Johnson of the popular YouTube show “The Melea Show” is showing you how to save money with coupons. The idea of her show is to live the ultimate life for less. Besides searching for coupons, Melea recommends price matching and doing your research before making any big purchases.

Olivia Lane Interview

Country singer Olivia Lane talks about her musical career. The singer describes growing up in Houston, Texas and about finally convincing her mom to make a move to Los Angeles so that she can pursue her musical dreams. Olivia talks about how her mom has always been one of her biggest cheerleaders! Next, her mom actually Skype’s in with the show from Nashville, Tennessee. After her interview, Olivia performs “Make my own Sunshine” for Home & Family.

It Takes a Village

Kristin Smith talks about a trending story she came across on social media about a Baylor University professor, Dr. Darryn Willoughby, who allowed one of students to bring her baby girl to his class during the lecture. He took the student’s fussy baby and rocked her until he was content while continuing to teach. Kristin points out that as a mother, we should all come together to help each other out when we need it.

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The Science of Plating - Home & Family

The Science of Plating

Food scientist Dan Kohler discusses plating and how it works. He explains that people eat slower when they think the value of the food is higher. If you want to trick your brain into how it values the food, place it on a nice plate. He also recommends eating off a smaller plate to trick your brain to feel full faster.

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White Hot Fashion

Lawrence Zarian is getting you ready for spring time by showing you the latest in white fashions. If you are trying on white fashion pieces, he recommends trying them on in natural light to get a clear view of how it will flatter you. Lawrence hosts a fashion show to display the hottest looks out there in the color white.

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Super Duper Chocolate Chip Cookies - Home & Family

Cristina is Baking

Cristina is back in the kitchen sharing her recipe for one of her favorite sweet treats, chocolate chip cookies. She recommends not over-mixing flour, because the cookie will be toughened when it bakes. She even shows you how to make a chocolate chip ice cream cookie after she is done. Cristina’s husband, Tony even stops by to snag a cookie when they are done.

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Egg Carton Flower Lights - Home & Family

Egg Carton Flower Lights

Sophie Uliano found a perfect way to recycle old egg cartons by turning them into flower lights. She encourages you to participate in this DIY with your kids to make the project extra-fun. In the end, you have a fun a decoration for your house and your children have a perfect Mother’s Day gift they helped make.

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