Tuesday, May 2nd 2017

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John Michael Higgins Interview
Actor John Michael Higgins joins the show to talk about his show “Great News” which airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC. He describes the real life similarities between himself and his character Chuck. Nicole Richie joins the interview via FaceTime!

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How-To Stylize Your Sofa with a Few Simple Tricks - Home & Family

Different Ways to Style your Sofa
Ken Wingard has some fresh looks for your existing sofa! By combining different accents you can create distinct looks that give your sofa a whole new life. Ken suggests using different textures and patterns for pillows, changing out lampshades and using an unexpected lantern on a coffee table.

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Hash Brown Leek Frittata from Dr. JJ Levenstein - Home & Family

Hash Brown and Leek Frittata
Dr. JJ Levenshtein shares a hearty and delicious breakfast recipe with Home & Family. She recommends using raw hash browns to cut time, and that more egg whites can be used in place of yolks for less cholesterol. Another tip is cook with room temperature eggs. Also, broil the frittata for an additional minute for more browning.

Get the recipe for the Hash Brown and Leek Frittata here

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Emily Wickersham Interview
Actress Emily Wickersham joins Mark and Debbie to talk about her television show, the CBS drama NCIS which airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c. She discusses the love life of her character, Agent Bishop in this season of the show. She also talks about Jennifer Esposito joining the show and the fun they have shared on NCIS.

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Getting Your Body Ready for Spring
Touch Therapy Expert Michelle Ebbin visits the show to talk about some effective ways to reset your energy for the season. Michelle shares that touch therapy can help you manage your weight, and that the “Appetite Control” point is located on your jaw line. Dry brushing
stimulates your lymphatic system, and skin rolling can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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DIY Retro Styled Bluetooth Radio - Home & Family

DIY Vintage Bluetooth Radio
Mark Steines is crafting a combination of modern technology with a vintage look.
With the wood portion, use two different stain shades to create the vintage appearance.

Get the instructions for the Vintage Bluetooth Radio here >>

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Tricking your kids into eating healthy
Kristin Smith is on the show talking about fun ways to help your kids to eat healthier
in their day to day life. One idea is to mix food coloring into cream cheese, and to disguise healthy food to look like junk food! She also suggests using whimsical plates and trays, as well as lighted disco cups to make mealtime fun.

Kids trays and plates, $15-$30,

Lighted Disco Cups, $12.99,

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DIY Mother’s Day Bracelets with Paige Hemmis - Home & Family

DIY Personalized Mother’s Day Bracelets
Paige Hemmis is on hand to share a jewelry gift with a personal touch! Materials include wood bracelets, acrylic paint and paint and pen.

Find out how to create the DIY Personalized Mother’s Day Bracelets

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UNICEF Kid Power Program
Caryl Stern, President and CEO of Unicef USA is on the show to talk about the “Kid Power” program that provides nutrition for malnourished children. Cheryl is happy to report that this program has unlocked 6.4 million packets of food for malnourished children and counting! This program is being brought into schools this spring.

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