Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

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Marcia Gay Harden

Actress and Author Marcia Gay Harden stops by to discuss her new book, “The Seasons of My Mother.” She also shares memories of times she spent with her family.

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Lemon Elderflower Mini Bundt Cakes - Home & Family

Lemon Elderflower Mini Bundt Cakes

Maria Provenzano shows you how to make these adorably delicious mini bundt cakes. She recommends alternating between adding the dry mix and wet mix in order to evenly mix everything in and create less lumps.

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Perfectly Air-Dried Hair

Kym Douglas shows you tips and tricks on how to air dry your hair and keep it flawless. Including some products that can help keep your hair tangle and frizz free.

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DIY Croquet Table - Home & Family

DIY Croquet Table

Ken Wingard shows you how to repurpose you croquet set into a beautiful DIY croquet table. He recommends placing tape on the paddle bit, to mark where you need to stop drilling in order not to drill all the way through.

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Reuben Eggs Benedict - Home & Family

Reuben Eggs Benedict

Cookbook author Michelle Smith shows you how to take the classic Ruben sandwich and create the deliciously good reuben eggs benedict. She suggests baking the hashbrowns in the oven rather than frying it on the stovetop.

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Amy Aquino

Actress Amy Aquino stops by Home & Family to talk about her show “Bosch,” which can be found streaming on Amazon Prime Video. She also talks about how she was introduced to her husband by friend Tony Shalhoub.

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Dress Like a Royal

Lawrence Zarian shows you how to elevate your wardrobe with royal inspired statements that won’t cost a fortune.

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Composing Your Life Song - Home & Family

Composing Your Life Song

Gerontologist Lakely Hogan talks about getting the conversation started with “Compose Your Life Song,” an educational program that helps plan for the future. She encourages families to meet with a financial planner, do some research, and make sure all your documents are in place.

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DIY Christmas Bookcase Coasters - Home & Family

DIY Christmas Bookcase Coasters

Paige Hemmis shows you how to make adorable Christmas bookcase coasters. She suggests using craft wood for easier cutting.

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