Carrie Preston Interview

The comedic actress talks to Mark and Cristina about her new sitcom, “Crowded,” which premieres March 20th at 9:30/8:30c on NBC. Her character plays a Mom whose grown daughters move back into the house. Carrie also opens up about what it was like growing up on a commune that her parents started in the 70’s. It is family affair for Carrie, when she married actor Michael Emerson on a local theater stage. She jokes their wedding planner was an actual stage manager. The two Emmy award-winning actors have also worked side by side before on the television series, “Lost” and “Person of Interest.”

Dying Eggs Naturally - Home & Family

Dying Eggs Naturally

Ken Wingard teams up with Dan Kohler to show you how you can dye your Easter eggs naturally. The two have a special guest, Ken’s daughter Coco who is playing assistant! Dan explains that all dye colors comes from three chemical compounds that he found at the local grocery store. After Dan makes the natural dye, Ken shows him how to actually dye the eggs.

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How to Dress During Times of Weight Gain - Home & Family

How to Dress When Your Weight Fluctuates

Debbie Matenopoulos and Lawrence Zarian team up to show you various fashion ideas you can try if your weight tends to fluctuate. Lawrence pairs an a-line dress with heels to create a long and lean look. They advise you to avoid bright colors and bold patterns. Finally, Lawrence tells men they should choose flat front slacks instead of pleated and pair them with a skinny tie to create a long and lean look.

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Pierce Brown Interview

The author of the “Red Rising” trilogy stops by Home & Family to talk about his career. Pierce shares what it was like receiving 130 rejection notices before becoming a best-selling author. He was six months into a job as an NBC page when he found out that he was getting published and was actually in the middle of hosting a tour when he got the news. The young author learned how to deal with rejection before embracing his success. When it comes to what’s next, Pierce wants to turn the “Red Rising” trilogy into movies for the big screen!

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Carne Asada Tacos - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina is back and in the kitchen preparing carne asada tacos using her crockpot! She adds onions and jalapeños to the dish for an extra kick. She says the key is to grill the meat on a iron skillet first to caramelize both sides. When the tacos are done, she pairs it with a refreshing blood orange margarita recipe that she got from her daughter, Alexandra.

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Josh Gates Interview

Explorer and host, Josh Gates talks to Home & Family about his Travel Channel series, “Expedition Unknown.” The show revolves around traveling the world in search of getting to the bottom of legends and mysteries, from the Bermuda Triangle to the Shangri-La. Most recently, Josh explored a cave that hadn’t been navigated in over 500 years!

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DIY Explorer's Sandbox - Home & Family

DIY Explorer’s Sandbox

Paige Hemmis making a fun sandbox that people of all ages will love. She is joined by Josh, who jokes that he wants his own sandbox. Paige suggests using the spare foam from the DIY to create objects for kids to uncover in the sandbox. She recommends making sure the sandbox is completely dry from the Monster Mud and that usually takes up to two days.

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Prime Time Beauty

Kym Douglas has some beauty secrets that you will want to try when it comes to primers. The beauty expert recommends applying primer to your clean and moisturized face to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Apply eye primer to avoid eyeshadow from creasing and fading. There are also lip primers available that keep your lipstick from feathering, fading and bleeding.

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Creative Ways to Ease Stress - Home & Family

Creative Ways to Ease Stress

Sophie Uliano has some easy ways to reduce stress in your life and points out that three out of four doctors visits are stress-related. She recommends practicing more mindfulness and expressing gratitude in one’s life. She encourages you to write what you are thankful for in a gratitude journal to help you be present. She also suggests adult coloring books that you can find at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store to ease your stress levels. Finally, Sophie introduces you to DIY aromatherapy rollers that can help, as well.

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