Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

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New Zealand Lamb Chops with Mint Sauce - Home & Family

Phil Keoghan

The host of “Amazing Race,” visits Home & Family to talk about the 29th season of his competitive travel series. The twist in this season is that all the players are strangers. After his interview, Phil hits the kitchen to prepare New Zealand lamb chops with mint sauce which he learned to make in New Zealand.

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Crescent Roll Tacos - Home & Family

Crescent Roll Tacos

Cookbook author Shay Shull is in the kitchen with her daughter Kensington and son, Shane showing you how to make crescent roll tacos. Her recipes are inspired by dishes that kids can help out on in the kitchen. She recommends adding pepperoni and Italian seasoning to the tacos to make them mini-pizzas.

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DIY Travel Memory Boxes - Home & Family

DIY Travel Memory Boxes

Inspired by Phil Keoghan’s visit to Home & Family, Paige has the perfect DIY for him, travel memory boxes. Paige recommends placing photos, ticket stubs and trinkets into your boxes to help display your favorite memories from the places visited. The entire DIY will cost you $20.

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Temporary Beauty Trends

Beauty expert Kym Douglas is here to bring you the latest in temporary beauty trends.

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Todd Grinnell

The actor sits down with Debbie and guest host, Phil Keoghan, to talk about his Netflix series, “One Day at a Time.” In the series, Todd plays “Schneider” and stars alongside legendary entertainer, Rita Moreno who taught him how to salsa dance. Todd also opens up about his wedding, where he reveals that he made his own DIY tassels for the big day.

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Quick Demo of Voices

Celebrity impersonator Rich Little talks about his new book, “Little by Little” which is available at your local bookstore. The comedian also talks about his favorite impersonations to perform and once even fooled Bette Davis into thinking he was Ronald Reagan. You can catch Rich during his nightly Las Vegas shows at The Tropicana.

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DIY Tank Top Dress - Home & Family

DIY Tank Top Dress

Orly Shani is showing you how to take an old maxi skirt or muu muu and turn it into a stylish tank top dress! The essentials you really need are fabric, scissors and a sewing machine.

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Natural Skin Remedies - Home & Family

Natural Skin Remedies

Sophie Uliano shows you some natural, non-steroidal suggestions for skin remedies. Her extra tip is introduce some flax seed into your diet for an Omega 3 boost. She also points out that zinc is good for skin renewal, antioxidants help regenerate skin and Oregon grape root may slow overproduction of skin cells.

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