Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

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En Vogue

En Vogue visit Home & Family to talk about their iconic career. Cindy Herron, Terry Ellis and Rhona Bennett also talk about their message of female empowerment, which can be found in their big hit, “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It) and their ability to fuse music and fashion together. The ladies were also known for their fashion, and you can find some of their dresses being memorialized in the Smithsonian.

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DIY Disco Ball Planter - Home & Family

DIY Disco Ball Planter

Paige Hemmis is outside in the backyard turning a fishbowl into a fun disco ball planter using mirrored squares, hot glue, flowers and an acrylic fish bowl. You can find the mirrored squares at your local craft store or online. The final cost of this DIY is $35, compared to $95 at a retail store.

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Melissa Francis

Journalist, actress and author Melissa Francis visits Home & Family to talk about her new book, "Lessons from the Prairie," about her life on the iconic television show, "Little House on the Prairie." Melissa describes her time on the show and her life since quitting acting to study econimics.

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Roasted Chicken with Summer Fruit Salad - Home & Family

Roasted Chicken with Summer Fruit Salad

Chef Dean Sheremet is back and in the kitchen teaching Mark some cooking tips. Today he is making a roasted chicken and pairing it with a summer fruit salad. Dean even shows Mark had to spatchcock a chicken, which results in crispier juicier chicken in half the time. If you don’t have any dairy restrictions, add feta or goat cheese to the fruit salad.

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Curtis Armstrong

Actor and author of “Revenge of the Nerd,” Curtis Armstrong talks about his new book which is now available in stores. Curtis talks about the word “nerd,” and how it was first coined by Dr. Seuss in 1950. The actor also opens up about his time on the iconic series, “Moonlighting,” and shares that it was a toxic environment to work in. Embracing his nerd status, Curtis reveals that he attended his first sci-fi convention in 1973.

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Nerdy Knick Knack Gifts

Kym Douglas is giving you some fun and quirky knick knack gift ideas including Sudoku toilet paper and a universal remote control called the Kymera Wand.

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DIY Wedding Custom Bands - Home & Family

DIY Custom Wedding Watch Bands

Orly Shani is saving you money by showing you how to make your own wedding watch bands.

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Facts and Myths of Acne

Dr. Sandra Lee is sharing some common facts and myths about acne. This includes the myths that drinking water prevents breakouts and greasy foods can cause breakouts. Meanwhile, she says it is in fact that nasal spray and hemorrhoid creme that can reduce acne.

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Cloud Eggs - Home & Family

Cloud Eggs

Dr. JJ is in the kitchen demonstrating her cooking skills by making cloud eggs with basil. She provides some tips to getting the egg cloud just right, including rubbing half of a lemon inside the bowl to help the eggs get fluffy and a pinch of salt will help stabilize the egg whites. If you can’t form an egg cloud, just the scramble the eggs, instead.