Bridal Check-In

The wedding of the season is about to get started but before that, Mark and Cristina, along with the rest of the Home & Family team welcome you to the big event! Debbie Matenopoulos is at the hotel with the bride-to-be Paige Hemmis and her bridal party, where the gang can barely maintain their excitement! Paige admits that she has butterflies, but knows once she looks at Jason down the aisle, everything will feel calm. Jason of Beverly Hills is lending diamonds to the bride-to-be and she is so excited to try them on.

Groomsmen Check-In

Lawrence Zarian talks about getting the groom Jason ready for the big day. Debbie visits with Jason and the groomsmen, where the groom admits that he is getting nervous but can’t wait to see his beautiful bride at the end of the wedding aisle. Later on, Dr. JJ talks about her own wedding day with Mark and Cristina and how special every wedding is.

A Look Back at Flowers

The owner of Fleurish Flowers and The Hidden Garden, Amy Marella talks to Mark and Cristina about the importance of flowers for the wedding. Earlier, she and Cristina put together some beautiful arrangements. She knew that Paige loves the color of pink, so Cristina chose a variety of pinks for the chandeliers and centerpiece. It is important to remember that flowers can be magical, but shouldn’t take any attention away from the beautiful bride.

Paige & Jason's Wedding - Dance Rehearsal

Dancing Practice

Kym Douglas and Matt Rogers team up to talk about the couple’s first dance. They decided to go to professionals Peta and Artem from “Dancing with the Stars” to teach Jason and Paige how to have the perfect first dance. The instructors admit that since the chosen first song is a fast one, the dance will be a bit challenging, but Jason and Paige are up for it!

Fabio’s in the Kitchen

Cristina visits Fabio Viviani in the kitchen to see how the wedding menu is coming along. She says the entire kitchen smells amazing and Fabio explains that it must be the marinara sauce that is simmering on the stove. After visiting Fabio, Cristina checks in with Patrick Hansen of Hansen’s Cakes to see the wedding cakes that will be served. He tells Cristina that it took him 36 hours to complete all three cakes. After the check-in, Mark shows you how the gentlemen of Home & Family made their own dance floor!

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Smile Makeover

Mark and Cristina are joined by Paige’s mom and Jason’s parents. Jason’s mom was given a complete dental makeover so she could feel secure with her smile on her son’s wedding day. She went to famed celebrity dentist, William Dorfman. Jason accompanies mom, who has always been frightened of the dentist. Jason is moved to tears at his mom’s courage and her new million dollar smile.

Paige & Jason's Wedding - Here Comes The Bride

The Wedding Begins!

The guests are seated and the wedding is about to begin. As each bridesmaid and groomsman walk down the aisle, Mark and Cristina break down how each one knows Paige and Jason.

Paige & Jason's Wedding - Paige & Jason’s Vows

The Bride is Ready

Now the wedding party are in place and Jason is ready to see his bride-to-be. Home & Family creator and executive producer Woody Fraser walks Paige down the aisle in her Mark Zunio wedding gown. DJ Richard Blade is there to officiate the ceremony. Jason and Paige wrote their own vows and share them in front of their friends and family. Rings are exchanged and Paige and Jason are officially married!

Paige & Jason's Wedding - The Toasts

The Wedding Toasts

Now that the wedding vows have been said, the bride has been kissed, the wedding party and the guests sit down to dine. Before they can eat, wedding toasts are read for the bride and groom. Cristina leads the wedding guests in a prayer and pays tribute to Paige’s father, who passed away just months ago.

Paige & Jason's Wedding - The First Dance

The First Dance

Page and Jason are ready to perform their first dance in front of all their loved ones. Before they can start the dance, Cristina surprises Paige and Jason with the news that Home & Family are sending the newlyweds on a honeymoon to Tahiti, where they will be staying at the award-winning “Le Taha’a Resort and Spa.” The first dance is set to the Imagine Dragons song, “I Bet my Life.”

Paige & Jason's Wedding - The Cake Reveal!

The Cake is Revealed

When the first dance is over, it is time to cut the cake. The three Hansens’ cakes are brought out and Paige and Jason find out that America voted for “Burlap & Branches” as the cake to be sliced first. But before the couple can cut the cake, Jason and his group ARIA perform “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for the new bride.

Let’s Party!

DJ Richard Blade is choosing some fun tunes to get the party started. All the wedding guests hit the dance floor to dance the night away and continue celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Jason Short.