Sarah Michelle Gellar Cooks - Home & Family

Sarah Michelle Gellar Cooks!

Actress and Creator of FoodStirs, Sarah Michelle Gellar is in the Home & Family kitchen preparing very festive Valentine’s Day Sprinkle Cookies. Sarah explains that FoodStirs is all about taking the intimidation out of baking and cooking by giving you the exact ingredients, instructions and decorative supplies. FoodStirs is also a wonderful way to encourage children to help join their parents in the kitchen.

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Valentine's Day Wreath - Home & Family

Valentine’s Day Wreath

Ken Wingard shows you how to take a small amount of materials and turn them into a Valentine’s Day wreath that you can hang from your door. The best part is that you may already have some of the materials hanging around the house, so this entire DIY can cost your as little as two dollars! He advises to use pins when keeping the linen in place because hot glue can melt the styrofoam.

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Adrianne Haslet-Davis Interview

Motivational speaker Adrianne Haslet-Davis opens up to Mark and Cristina about what it was like to survive the Boston Marathon Bombing, where she lost a leg. She says there are still times that she finds it difficult to wrap her head around the reality of the bombing. Adrianne wasn’t even running the marathon, but a spectator. She was only two feet away from the first explosion. Despite losing a leg, she continues to dance and even teaches Mark some moves after her interview. Adrianne hopes to inspire others through her experience.

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DIY Flower Arrangements - Home & Family

Cristina Crafts

Cristina is demonstrating how to create your very own floral arrangements with flowers you buy at the grocery store. When you first buy the bouquet, she recommends removing the cellophane and placing it in the bottom of a vase with water to create an icy look for the flowers. Put the greenery in the vase first, before adding the colorful flowers. She also creates themes with her arrangements.

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Chris Lane Performs

Country singer/songwriter Chris Lane talks about his career and introduces his band to Home & Family. Chris’s drummer happens to his identical twin brother, Cory. Chris jokes that Cory recently dyed his hair purple so fans would stop confusing the two after the show. After his interview, Chris and the band perform his hit, “Her Own Kind of Beautiful.”

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Kym Douglas is back and this time she is armed with a list of fun gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. From kind notes that you can send to friends and loved ones to a BBQ branding iron, Kym’s ideas are fun and unique!

Kym's suggested gifts:

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Reducing Allergy Symptoms - Home & Family

Reducing Allergy Symptoms

Dr. JJ talks about allergies and how they can occur either year-round or seasonally. Main outdoor allergy triggers include pollens, ragweed and mold. To reduce reactions, she recommends staying indoors when pollen counts are high and use a central air conditioner. When it comes to the indoors, the main allergy triggers are dust mites, mold and pet dander. She recommends keeping a clean house and washing our pets on a regular basis.

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Green Olympics - Home & Family

Green Olympics

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen introducing you to the healthiest greens that you can include in your diet. The top three greens for your health are watercress, napa cabbage and chard. She recommends adding tamari sauce to your greens to create more flavor.

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Mobile Barber Shop

Lawrence Zarian introduces Mark to a mobile barber shop owned by Twain Taylor. Before launching his mobile business, Twain used to cut Mike Tyson’s hair. The mobile barber shop is convenient for those who don’t have time to go to the barber shop because he comes to you! Ken takes advantage of the mobile barber shop by stopping by for a shave.

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