Ignacio Serricchio Interview

The highly-energetic actor Ignacio Serricchio sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his BET series, “Zoe Ever After,” which airs Tuesdays, 10/9c. Ignacio also opens up about his character in the comedy series and sharing scenes with Brandy Norwood. Before acting, Ignacio was studying to be an engineer in Mexico City, then he moved to America with his family and wanted to pursue his passion of entertaining. When he is not working on his show, Ignacio enjoys surfing, diving and brewing Yerbe Matte tea.

Healthy Italian Fried Rice - Home & Family

Healthy Italian Fried Rice

Chef Pamela Salzman is in the kitchen preparing a ten-minute meal, Healthy Italian Fried Rice. She uses a lot of vegetables and brown rice to add to more health benefits to the dish. She suggests you can also replace the brown rice with quinoa or lentils. She also recommends getting the kids to help with preparing the Healthy Italian Rice by washing the vegetables and setting the timers.

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DIY Hand-Painted Scarves - Home & Family

DIY Hand-Painted Scarves

Tanya Memme is joined by Mark and Cristina, along with guest Heather McDonald to show them how to make their own hand-painted scarves. Tanya suggests using paint pens because it will keep the fabric soft. She also recommends putting the scarf in the dryer for 30 minutes after you are done painting, just to make sure the paint settles in.

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Family Travel Savings

Travel Expert, Peter Greenberg visits Home & Family to talk about how strong the US dollar is in Europe and now is the time to take advantage of it. It is also strong in South America. He also says their are some big deals here in America that you should look out for, including traveling by Amtrak trains. Finally, he encourages travelers to disinfect all the surfaces they come into contact with, so they don’t get sick while on vacation.

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Heather McDonald Interview

Comedian Heather McDonald talks to Mark and Cristina about her new podcast she calls, “Juice Scoop.” She chose the name for her podcast based on her own love for gossip and calls herself a tabloid investigator because she loves seeking the truth after reading the stories. Heather shares a funny story of trying to pick-up Jerry Seinfeld when both were single in the 90’s and he was at the height of his fame. Needless to say, her attempt bombed. Heather has Mark and Cristina laughing off their chairs with her celebrity impersonations of Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Nancy Grace.

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Winter White Fashion

Lawrence Zarian is showing you some of the latest fashion in winter white. He explains that this shade works with every skin tone and the colors do not have to match perfectly. He also encourages you to explore with different textures when wearing winter white. Finally, Lawrence wants to remind you now is a great time to shop for a winter white wardrobe since a lot of retail stores are having after-holiday sales.

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DIY Mineral Powder Foundation - Home & Family

DIY Mineral Powder Foundation

Sophie Uliano talks to you about mineral powder foundation, which is made without preservatives and is safer for your body. She explains that mineral makeup contains natural sunscreen minerals, titanium oxide and zinc. If stored properly, mineral makeup can last for a year and finally, Sophie encourages you to buy your own DIY Mineral Powder Foundation kit online so you can exclude certain ingredients that you don’t like in your makeup, one being bismuth oxychloride, which can be harsh and drying to skin.

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What Your Hospital Isn't Telling You - Home & Family

Secrets Hospitals Are Not Telling You

Matt Iseman breaks down facts that your hospital may not be telling you. This includes the ‘superbug,’ known as CRE that hides inside medical scopes, that resulted in a recall that calls for every medical scope to be replaced by August 2016. He also recommends you taking a second look at your medical bills because eight out of ten times there is an error. He recommends you recording your conversation with your doctor and always seek a second opinion.

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