Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

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Ask Regis

Regis Philbin is visiting Home & Family all week long and today he is taking questions from fans on social media. He later opens up to Mark and Debbie about his longtime friendships with comedian legend Don Rickles and fellow talk show host, Dave Letterman.

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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty

Want to look great but short on time? Kym Douglas has a list of hot beauty products you are going to want to check out for quick beauty prep!

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Larry King Interview

The iconic television, Larry King, sits down with Home & Family to talk about some of his most memorable interviews, including one he had with Marlon Brando. He and guest star Regis also talk about their 50 year friendship.

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DIY Leather Suspenders - Home & Family

DIY Suspenders

Celebrating Larry King’s appearance, Ken Wingard is making his own stylish leather suspenders. He explains that using the top portion of the belt allows for easy adjustment once the suspenders are finished.

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Pasta with White Truffle Sauce - Home & Family

Pasta with White Truffle Sauce

The owner of Valbella Restaurant, Chef David Ghatanfard is in the kitchen preparing one of his favorite pasta dishes. His restaurant is located in Connecticut and very popular with Regis, who even has his own table. He explains that if you have trouble coming across white truffles, you can always purchase them online or at a specialty store.

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Scott Flansburg Interview

Scott goes by the nickname of “The Human Calculator” and demonstrates his math skills for Home & Family. This math man holds the world record for fasted adder of numbers. He also launched an app called “The Human Calculator” which is geared to help kids learn numbers through a fun matrix.

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Bejeweled Frame and Candle - Home & Family

DIY Bejeweled Frames and Candles

Orly Shani shows you how to update your photo frames using a candle, trim, appliqué, buttons and a glue gun. The entire DIY is not only inexpensive but is also fun for experimenting with creativity!

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New Tech for Front Door Security

Paige Hemmis introduces you to some of the latest technology available for securing your home. Ideas include a deadbolt only opened by remote and another that is operated by recognizable fingerprints.

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Boston Cream Pie - Home & Family

Boston Creme Cake

Debbie is in the kitchen whipping up a delicious sweet treat, inspired by everybody’s favorite donut, boston creme, only she is baking a delicious cake.

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