Kathleen Rose Perkins Interview

The “Colony” actress visits Home & Family to talk about her new role in the USA drama. Kathleen opens up about her character and her friendship with co-star, Josh Holloway. She even brings a clip from the series for Mark and Cristina to enjoy. In real life, Kathleen is the proud owner of two parrots and in the middle of preparing for renovations, which she jokes the parrots have a loud say in.
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Chef Amanda Freitag Cooks - Home & Family

Easy Coq Au Vin

Chef Amanda Freitag joins Cristina in the kitchen to prepare Easy Coq Au Vin. Before getting started, she talks about her Food Network series, “America’s Diner Revival” where she comes in to help revamp old diners. Amanda has also been a judge on “Chopped,” where she developed a “stomach of steel” for all the types of food she had to taste. After she finishes up the French dish, she pairs it with a beet salad and beet vinaigrette.

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Valentine’s Day Kiss-Proof Booth

Kym Douglas is here to get your lips kissable for Valentine’s Day. She starts with Smile 365, which is a mouthwash that also whitens teeth. After that, she shows you a lip plumper and matte lip cream that keeps lipstick on your lips, even while you kiss. Before you know it, your lips are going to be kiss-ready for February 14th!

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DIY Valentine's Day Pillows - Home & Family

DIY Valentine’s Day Pillows

Tanya Memme gets you ready for this upcoming Valentine’s Day by making romantic and beautiful pillows. The first pillow has romantic sayings stenciled on them. The second pillow contains a secret pocket, making it a great place to place a gift, card or even an engagement ring! Tanya also points out that kids will love to participate in this kind of DIY.

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Giacomo Gianniotti Interview

Giacomo Gianniotti sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his character on the hit medical series, “Grey’s Anatomy” which returns February 11 at 8/7c on ABC. As a child, the actor grew up in Italy, where his father introduced him to puppetry. The acting bug hit him at the age of 10, where he was cast in a small role in Shelley Winters’ final film, where he played a little street punk.

The Science of Red Foods - Home & Family

Red Foods We Eat

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen breaking down the science of red foods, which comes from Anthocyanin compounds. He then creates his own red food coloring using cabbage, which is heavy in Anthocyanin compounds. After extracting the color from his red cabbage, he shows you how it reacts to various liquids.

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Zika Virus and Your Family - Home & Family

Zika Virus and Your Family

Dr. JJ is here to tell you what you need to know about the Zika Virus, which is passed by mosquitos, who have stripes on their backs. The virus was first discovered in Uganda in 1947 and brought into the US by people traveling to these regions and coming back. There is an estimated 1-2 million people who have caught the Zika Virus outside the US and 11 states have reported cases of Zika here in America. The symptoms include fever, rash, red eyes, body aches and pain behind your eyes. If traveling to high risk areas, wear permethrin-infused clothing. If you get infected, use repellants only recommended by the CDC and WHO.

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Shelter Pet Project - Home & Family

Shelter Pet Project

Senior Grands Manager of Maddie’s Fund, Shelly Thompson opens up to Mark and Cristina about the importance of adopting a shelter pet. The Shelter Pet Project is a collaboration between the Humane Society, Maddie’s Fund and The Ad Council. The ultimate goal is to find homes for the 2.4 million dogs and cats that are in the shelters today.

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Cupid’s Valentine’s Day Hacks

Matt Rogers gives Mark and Cristina his favorite Valentine’s Day Hacks which includes decorated hearts that can be placed in your front yard, you can also get creative and put sweet messages on each heart. He also shows you how to decorate a jar and fill it with sweet words and notes for your loved ones.

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