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Patricia Richardson Interview
Actress Patricia Richardson joins Mark and Cristina to talk about her recurring role as Helen Potts in Last Man Standing which airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC. Pat’s character was introduced last season on the show. The actress talks about being reunited with Tim during taping and the fans went berserk! Pat shares a scene from the show, where her character is clearing out her dead husband’s items. The actress shares that in real life her own sister lost her husband unexpectedly so she was able to relate to Helen’s situation. She believes that grief has its own schedule, and she unfortunately lost both of her parents plus close friends within a period of a few years. Patricia took several years off, but is happy to be back at work! Tune in for Last Man Standing on Fridays at 8/7.

Fashion and Tech Collide!
Kym Douglas has been doing her research from the TechStyle convention in New York, and has some exciting new fashion items to share with the audience. You can find these innovative items at the following websites:

Glass Lighted Handbags are available at

Berlin 3D Printed Sunglasses available at

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Resto Presto Multi-Functions Pouch -

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Chef Damon Gordon Cooks - Home & Family

Seared Hamachi with Vegetables
Chef Damon Gordon, Executive Chef of the Water Grill is in the Home & Family kitchen to prepare an asian dish of Hamachi and Winter Fried Wok Vegetables. The chef explains that hamachi is similar to tuna but has more fat content. First he uses the Togorachi Japanese spices to flavor the fish! The chef says the number one rule is not to overcook seafood. For this dish he slices the vegetables very thinly. The flavorful recipe is a hit with the tasters.

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DIY Faux Marble Vanity - Home & Family

Orly Shani DIY Faux Marble Vanity
Orly has a way to freshen up your vanity at a very affordable cost. Materials include marble finish contact paper which comes in sheets and rolls and can be found online or at craft and hardware stores. Orly chose an end table and mirror that did not previously match, but with the marble effect they go together perfectly. Orly shows off her techniques and explains how simple this DIY is. Tips include using a pin to get rid of any bubbles you may have after applying the contact paper, and that smaller pieces are more manageable since the paper is very sticky!

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Tory Kittles Interview
Actor Tory Kittles joins the show to discuss his experiences on the series “Colony” which airs Thursdays at 10/9c on the USA Network. The premise of the show is about a family living in Los Angeles who is trying to survive after a ‘mysterious force’ has taken over. The actor indicates that more will be revealed as the season unfolds. His character Broussard is part of the resistance and Tory shares a clip from an upcoming episode. Tory talks about the ups and downs of acting, and describes the turning point for him which was acting in his first film “Tigerland.” When he was younger he had a speech impediment to overcome, and he talks about how he was inspired by James Earl Jones who also overcame a speech impediment through writing. Tory has also used music as a tool for expression, and the actor talks about how director Joel Schumacher asked him to write a song for Tigerland, which he did. He sings part of the heartfelt song for Mark and Cristina.

Tune in for “Colony” Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.

Oscar Predictions
Film Critic Leonard Maltin and Debbie Matenopoulos team up to share their predictions for the 88th Academy Awards show. Both entertainment experts feel that Alejandro Inarritu will win best director for “The Revenant.” They note that it was such a difficult movie to make, but it was beautiful and nominated by all 12 branches of the Academy. For supporting actor, both Debbie and Leonard predict that Sylvester Stallone will win for “Creed.” On the supporting actress award, Leonard predicts Kate Winslet for her role in “Steve Jobs” but Debbie thinks that Alicia Vikander will win for “The Danish Girl.” For Best Actor, Leonard thinks Matt Damon deserves it the most but that Leonardo DiCaprio will win. Debbie predicts Leo all the way! Finally, Leonard is rooting for “Spotlight” to win best picture, while Debbie thinks it will go to “The Revenant.”

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Food Expiration Dates - Home & Family

Food Expirations Dates
Dan Kohler is in the kitchen to reveal what you need to know about food expirations which are actually not based on food safety! Dan explains that these dates vary from state to state, are not regulated by the FDA and are based on optimal flavor point and not food safety. Eggs for example are good for 3-5 weeks after you bring them home. “Sell by” is a date issued by the food manufacturer for the store to indicate when they should get rid of that product. “Use By” indicates best flavor for the consumer, and expiration date tends to tell you when food has spoiled, but that is actually not a hard and fast rule for all products. Dan explains that where you are storing food is really key. The door is the wrong place to keep the milk- the back bottom shelf is the best place, and keep yogurt away from the refrigerator light source which heats up food by 1 or 2 degrees when it comes on each time. Dried goods like pasta rice and cereals can stay good for years!

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Tina Olivieri Interview
Dr. Tina Olivieri is co-host of the Nat Geo WILD network’s show, “Pet Talk” which helps viewers seeking solutions to pet questions and problems. She recommends frozen green beans and/or carrots for pet treats. Chew pellets are not a good substitute for teeth brushing and dental care. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is vital to their overall health. Be sure to avoid xylitol and use only toothpaste formulated especially for pets.

“Pet Talk” airs Fridays at 10/9c on Nat Geo WILD.

DIY Diaper Castle - Home & Family

Tanya Memme’s DIY Diaper Castle
Momtrepreneur and family member Tanya Memme is sharing a DIY that is a hit with celebrity moms - a diaper castle!

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