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Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

John Gamberling Interview

Actor John Gamberling from NBC’s ‘Marry Me’ stops by to talk about his comedy hit, and brings a preview of the upcoming Valentine’s Day episode. John also talks about his wife, comedian Andrea Rosen and how he met her on the comedy circuit in New York. He actually had a crush on her for years before getting up the courage to actually ask her out! They eventually got married in Brooklyn and now they have two young children.

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Kym’s Rules for Jewels

Kym Douglas talks about rules for jewels when it comes to necklaces. If you are a full figured woman, avoid necklaces that lay on the breast line. If you are tall and thin, choker necklaces may make you appear shorter. Choker necklaces are best on rectangular faces since they reduce the length of the face.

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DIY Love Marquee

Nicole Farb, founder of Darby Smart shows Home & Family how to make a DIY Love Marquee just in time for Valentine’s Day. Nicole credits the success of her store to being a perfect place for craft inspiration. Darby Smart kits range from $14 - $99 and the DIY Love Marquee starts at $19.

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Jessica Collins Bakes French Toast

The star of ‘Young and the Restless,’ Jessica Collins shows off her cooking skills in the Home & Family kitchen. Before she gets to her Creme Brûlée French Toast, she talks about her character Avery Baley Clark. Jessica has a huge love of cooking and even graduated from Cordon Bleu cooking college with honors. She advises using day-old bread when making this decadent dish.

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Heart Healthy Fitness and Nutrition

February is heart-health month and that means it is the perfect time to get your family on track with fitness and nutrition. Fitness and nutrition expert Latreal Mitchell explains that Meta’s heart health benefits add psyllium to your diet and lower your cholesterol and keep your blood sugar stable. Meta comes in powder, wafers and health bars and helps you feel less hungry between meals.

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