Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

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Morgan Fairchild Visits
The iconic television actress opens up to Home & Family about her career and talks about her days on the series, "Falcon Crest." Today, you can catch Morgan on the stage in "A Cinderella Christmas" at the Pasadena Playhouse until January 8th.

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DIY Christmas Card Holder - Home & Family

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Ken Wingard has a clever way to hold all those Christmas cards you get every year with this DIY. The make the card holder more festive, he recommends adding ornaments to it. The entire project will cost you $25.

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Holiday Party Etiquette

Restaurateur and lifestyle consultant Fran Berger visits Home & Family to fill you in on proper holiday etiquette. From propers hostess gifts to learning what time you should depart a party, Fran has you covered!

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Baked Alaska with Perfect Meringue - Home & Family

Baked Alaska

Cooking teacher and the author of “It’s All in the Timing,” Gail Monaghan is in the Home & Family kitchen preparing Baked Alaska with the perfect meringue. An added tip with the meringue is starting on low speed when whipping the eggs and when it gets foamy, adding the cream of tartar.

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Kristin Smith's Gift Ideas - Home & Family

Interactive Gifts for Kids

Kristin Smith breaks down some of the hottest interactive toys available this holiday season. From golf pool to interactive dinosaurs, Kristin has your wish list covered for the kids.

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Home Free Performs

The A Capella group takes to the Home & Family stage to perform their holiday hit, “Full of (Even More) Christmas Cheer” which is available in stores now.

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Holiday Travel with Kids - Home & Family

RX for Holiday Travels with Children

Dr. JJ sits down with Mark and Debbie to discuss ways you can prevent illness while traveling with children. She recommends never flying with a child seating on your lap, washing tray tables on planes and using CLEARPOP to help alleviate ear pressure and earaches.

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DIY Giant Candy Cane Picket Fence - Home & Family

DIY Giant Candy Cane Picket Fence

Looking to get extra-festive this year, Paige Hemmis here to help! She has a fun holiday-themed DIY and shows you how to turn your fence into one of giant candy canes, using PVC pipe, red tape and wood.

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Favorite Christmas Pajamas

Kym Douglas introduces you to some new and stylish Christmas pajamas.

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Ask the Family

The family members all gather around to answer your holiday questions.