Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

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DIY Sushi Rolls - Home & Family

Ryan Paevey Interview

The hunky actor visits Home & Family to talk about his role on the daytime soap opera, “General Hospital.” He jokes that on his first day of shooting he actually contracted food poisoning on his first day of work. Ryan is a self-described adventurist and loves to travel, but sometimes his activities can be very extreme. His latest adventure was taking his motorcycle on the open road, where got into an accident and had to get his arm reattached. After his interview, Ryan joins Debbie in the kitchen to show her how to make his favorite childhood meal, sushi.

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For the Love of Shoes

Everybody knows that Kym loves her shoe collection and she introduces Debbie and Mark to her new favorite storage unit: a shoe wheel. Her favorite part about the shoe wheel is not only does it save space but it is also easy to puts shoes in and take shows out of it. She also shows you a shoe deodorizer made of charcoal, which is all-natural.

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DIY Personalized Cartoon Bags - Home & Family

DIY Personalized Bags

Orly Shani has a fun DIY for those looking to spruce up their bags by adding cartoon images to them. She encourages you to create a theme and a story to your design, to make the bag more personal. She says all you need is Fabric Fuse, that you can find at your local craft store. Make sure you use a color inkjet printer. This entire bag design will cost you $2-$3.

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Pre-Packed School Clothes - Home & Family

Pre-Packed School Clothes

Rachel Hollis from The Chic Site is back at Home & Family showing you how she gets organized when getting kids ready for school. She is the mother of three young boys and knows that challenges can arise. Today she is making pre-packed pillowcases filled with materials of everything the kids need for their school morning. The total cost is only $10 and will help save a lot of time during those hectic days.

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Noah Galloway Interview

Retired Army Sergeant and motivational speaker, Noah Galloway sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his new book, “Living with No Excuses” which is available in bookstores now. His book addresses the depression he suffered after losing an arm and a leg while on duty in Iraq and how fitness helped him overcoming his emotional spiral. Today, Noah participates in several “Tough Mudder” competitions, which is a series of obstacle races. Later on, Noah gets to talk to Ilene Boyer through FaceTime and she shares with Mark and Debbie how Noah inspired her to complete a “Tough Mudder” of her own.

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Giovanni Vacarro is the creative director of Glamquad, which is an app that allows you to order beauty stylists to come to your door. Their services start at $45. You can choose a variety of services at the touch of your phone and make an appointment for those stylists to show up at your house.

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DIY Headboard - Home & Family

DIY Headboard

Ken Wingard is turning a door into a stylish headboard for your bed. He points out that you should use a solid core door. He also recommends going to your hardware store to have them cut the door and the wood to your precise measurements. You can choose whatever color to paint the headboard, but he always sticks to the classic white, but you can also do an antique finish to make it look shabby chic. The entire cost of this DIY is $60.

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How To Boost Your Immune System - Home & Family

How to Boost Your Immune System

Sophie Uliano is giving you some helpful tips to boost your immune system. This includes adding mushrooms, ginger, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and garlic to your diet.

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