Zach McGowan

From Showtime's "Shameless," actor Zach McGowan chats about the show and later shows off some of his hidden talents. Along with his numerous acting accomplishments, Zach shows us his vocal 'chops' during an impromptu voice over session. Plus, Zach shows off more of his 'chops,' this time in the kitchen where he shows Mark and Paige how to wield a knife like a professional chef. And later Zach helps to christen the Home & Family garden with his sustainable gardening tips.

Katie Lowes

Star of ABC's "Scandal" and newlywed Katie Lowes hangs out with Mark & Paige today. Along with chatting about the show, Katie fills Mark & Paige in on her summer camp themed wedding. Prior to launching her acting career, Katie worked many jobs including being a wedding planners assistant. The experience gave Katie the inside track on making her dream wedding come true and today, she shares those tips with Home & Family.

Kelli Sargent

While studying for her Masters Degree, Kelli Sargent learned that her mother had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her mother's inspiring battle prompted Kelli to refocus her degree, proposing a marketing plan for a 5k run/walk to support ovarian cancer research and awareness. Now eight years later, Kelli has lead a campaign that has raised more than 4 million dollars to support ovarian cancer research and awareness. Sign up for this years Run for Her Ovarian Cancer 5k here:

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Dr. Beth Karlan

Dr. Beth Karlan, Director of the Women's Cancer Program at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute, discusses important information regarding ovarian cancer. Dr. Karlan explains the difficulty in recognizing and diagnosing ovarian dancer and the importance of knowing your unique family history when informing yourself about your cancer risks. Sign up for this years Run for Her Ovarian Cancer 5k here:

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Hot Flash Deals

It's Thursday, and that means it's time for this weeks Home & Family Hot Flash Sale! This weeks luxury sale items include Ginsu knives for more than 65% off! Plus, Sandie has a collection of amazing Kenneth Cole bags, all the rage this season, for 70% off. And, from the Sharper Image, Sandie has the retro smartphone handset at prices you will have to see to believe! Get all of this week's Hot Flash deals here>>

Billy Blanks Jr.

Today Mark & Paige welcome the next generation of fitness, Billy Blanks Jr. and his wife Sharon. The couple’s high energy "Dance with Me" fitness program is not only one of the fastest growing workout trends around, but is also a labor of love for Billy and his wife. When Billy and Sharon first started the program they had lost their home and were living in a motel, raising their young son. Their love and support for each other carried them through to the success they enjoy today. Before putting Mark & Paige through their paces, Billy and Sharon discuss how being a supportive couple enabled them to work through the tough times and become a stronger family. Get up and move to Dance with Me by Billy Blanks Jr.:

Leo Quinones

"Film Freak" Leo Quinones stops by to teach you how to have a fantastic movie and dinner night at home. Leo's unique approach to film allows him to enjoy Oscar picks like "The Kings Speech" and absolutely love ridiculous films like "Dumb and Dumber." Today, Leo offers his picks of some of the best DVD's out now, plus Leo dishes up scallops Christopher Walken style!

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